Change and Configuration Management

NNT Change Tracker™ makes Change and Configuration Management simple for all servers, databases, firewalls and network devices.

Traditional Change Management Systems are flawed in that there is no reconciliation of actual changes made with the intended, approved changes. Being unable to easily review all changes made means it is then impossible to judge if the correct changes – and only the correct changes - have been made to a system.

Using NNT Change Tracker™ to plan and review approved changes ensures that security and operational configuration integrity is maintained, even in dynamic enterprise IT estates where the only constant is change.

Combined with the Device Hardening Audit capabilities of NNT Change Tracker™ ensures that all changes implemented are assessed for their impact in IT Estate security, while real-time File Integrity Monitoring ensures that all Unplanned Changes are isolated for review.

With NNT Change Tracker™ you can:

  • Easily schedule Planned Changes, then record and review all actual changes made
  • Record all Unplanned Changes for investigation – guarantee security through a ‘zero tolerance’ of unplanned, non-documented changes
  • Establish department, group or company-wide hardened build standard templates for the set up and configuration of all devices
  • Backup the configuration of every IT device
  • Label configurations for fast restoration to the last known and compliant state
  • Track changes made to the IT infrastructure – who, when, where, what, and was the change authorized?
  • All changes recorded within the change repository with the option to retrospectively approve and reconcile changes after the event
  • Immediately be alerted if a change has altered an otherwise compliant state, such as for PCI DSS, SOX, NIST 800-53, DISA STIG, HIPAA, ISO27K and other GRC standards
  • Audit your entire infrastructure for configuration changes, a key host intrusion detection indicator when a security breach occurs
  • Out of the box or ‘Build your Own’ Compliance Reports - NNT Change Tracker has been certified by the Center for Internet Security for CIS Benchmark Checklists
  • Create security, health and performance policies for all devices
  • Baseline the best possible working configuration for your infrastructure (If a problem occurs a change has taken place, identify what changed and you have identified the root cause of the problem!)

New for Version 6 - The Closed Loop Change Management System – Service Desk Integration
NNT Change Tracker™ now provides a range of options to enable full integration with all leading Service Desk applications. Read more


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