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Tripwire alternative Need a Tripwire Alternative?

The World’s #1 Tripwire® Alternative

Tripwire® has been used by most organizations at one time or another and has benefitted from years of development to make it a competent and comprehensive management tool.

However, as with many mature software products, what was originally intended to be a comprehensive product has actually ended up being extremely complex, expensive and often difficult to use.

Then there is the never-ending disruption to the company and workforce, caused first by VC acquisition of the company, followed by the acquisition of nCircle® and the efforts to try and integrate two major organizations and product lines, all now compounded by the purchase of Tripwire® by Belden. Continuity of support and loss of experienced personnel is a big driver for Tripwire® users to go back to the market and assess their options.

And with the introduction of Change Tracker Gen 7, it has never been a better time to consider an alternative.

Typical Tripwire® customer complaints include:

  • “It’s way too expensive!”
  • “The product is extremely complex and dated”
  • “Very difficult to use”
  • “They’ve lost too many of the good people”
  • “Too many ‘False Positives’”
  • “Support is unreliable”

It’s expensive to buy, implement, maintain and upgrade

Everything is going to cost! Additional devices to be monitored? Use of agents rather than agentless? The role or function of the device? Database System or simple file change detection? Security Policy Compliance audit or simple daily FIM reports? You will even need to pay an additional fee for the Management Console!

All these factors contribute to what is a complex and expensive pricing structure. Customers who have purchased Tripwire® warn that, even if the initial deal looks like good value for money, watch out for a sting in the tail should you wish to expand your license in the future.

The alternative to Tripwire® : NNT Licensing is simple and affordable – tell us how many devices you need to cover, decide if you want to use agents or not, and whether you want database systems included and we will give you a no ‘ifs and buts’ pricing structure.

There is no separate charge for the console and we will even build in a guaranteed pricing tariff so you know exactly how much your future expansion will cost if you need to do so in the future. NNT pricing is typically a 3rd of the cost making it highly attractive compared to Tripwire® pricing.

I find it difficult to set up properly, 
with a complex maze of Tasks, Actions, Rules and Policies

If you are a hardcore techy who enjoys writing your own scripts and working out regular expression formulae then you will love Tripwire® . Managing Tasks, adjusting Actions, modifying Rules and editing Policy provides the fine-grain monitoring that FIM often needs, but doing so is far from easy and very time-consuming. Be warned – Tripwire® is very complex and you will likely be asked to spend money on additional services and questionable support to enable your use of the solution within your environment!

An overly complex architecture makes it very difficult to contain ‘false positives’. Dealing with too many alerts from a Tripwire Enterprise® system defeats the object of having it in place. Alert overload inevitably leads to the system being ignored and a genuine security incident could be missed.

The alternative to Tripwire® : Faced with the choice of paying for consultancy services or breaking the cycle of expensive support, consultancy and upgrades, many now turn to NNT for a simpler, easier to use and affordable Tripwire® competitor. For further evidence of this, please review our many customer testimonies on this page.

Tripwire® support can be tricky in terms of getting to the right people

When you need support, you want it fast and from a knowledgeable and experienced engineer. It is sometimes inevitable that as a company grows and becomes a complex multi-national machine, the personal touch is lost. First-line supports becomes nothing more than a details-gathering exercise and getting direct support via WebEx is moved further out of reach. And paying for consultancy is going to be expensive.

The alternative to Tripwire® : NNT time to fix stats show that over 90% of support calls received are resolved within the first 45 minutes. Support is handled directly by our Support Engineers, so you will usually deal with the same team who installed your NNT Change Tracker system to begin with.

Best of all, direct remote support via WebEx is always on offer and included within all our support contracts – no limits – no additional charge!.

NNT replaces a major Tripwire® deployment somewhere in the world on average once every month.

Ask us for pricing, a demonstration or trial today and find out why all of these customers below either chose NNT in preference to Tripwire® , or replaced an existing Tripwire Enterprise® deployment with NNT

And the #1 Tripwire® Alternative solution that
delivers all the key security and compliance benefits of file integrity monitoring is NNT Change Tracker™
Easiest To Use – Most Fully Featured – Most Affordable
Learn more about NNT Change Tracker here


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