5 Stages of Compliance Audit Grief Webinar Recap

Any therapist will tell you that there are a range of emotions adopted when dealing with grief of any kind.  Nothing changes when dealing with the grief caused by having to manage a GRC Compliance Audit. But the good news is you can get through it!

The popular Kübler Ross mold lays out a progression from Denial, Anger, Bargaining and Depression to Acceptance- DABDA for short. Here is what we have found in these 5 stages in our clients when managing a compliance audit:


  • Denial: The first stage of compliance audit grief starts with Denial. Often times this involves the client denying that they even have a problem and ignoring the real issues they have with their existing compliance capabilities
  • Anger: In this second stage, the heat is on, and parties tend to point the blame onto someone else
  • Bargaining: At this stage, the client contemplates scenarios like ‘Could they delay the audit?’ Wishful thinking! ‘We don’t have time to do this properly, so let’s just make it through this audit and we’ll do it right the next go around’
  • Depression: At the fourth stage, feelings of hopelessness are all too common because the work has to be done and now time has just been wasted putting off the inevitable. Clients at this stage often feel that there’s just too much that needs to be done in too little of time.
  • Acceptance: Lastly, at the final stage, it’s time to finally get on with it. The client now asks themselves, “What do I have to do to prove & remain compliant” and they apply the security best practices within their organization.


While most therapists use a couch to get to the root of their clients' issues, compliance audit grief is much simpler to diagnose and cure. And really, a compliance audit is good for you. Reviewing the operation of security best practices within your organization and taking a long hard look at where you may be vulnerable to attack is time well-spent.

The ultimate takeaway here is to recognize the stage of compliance audit grief you’re experiencing and if it's anything less than acceptance, lie down on the couch and let it all out- you’ll feel far more secure at the end of it all.

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