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The website of Smith & Wesson was targeted by digital skimmers last week as they planted malicious code designed to steal customer payment card information. 

According to Sanguine Security, the attackers planted a payment skimmer on the Smith & Wesson online store on Wednesday, November 27, during the busy Black Friday holiday shopping weekend. The firm claims that as of Monday, December 2 that the skimming code is still active. The skimmer captures the personal and financial information entered by customers on the checkout page and sends the information to the attackers. 

Strangely, the attackers have been using the Sanguine Security name as cover to legitimize the campaign. The security vendors forensic expert, Willem de Groot, claims, "Skimming code & infrastructure is identical to the campaign that impersonates Sanguine Security."

The attackers likely chose Sanguine Security deliberately, as much of their work is to protect customers from Magecart-style attacks. 

This attack looks to be the work of one of the several hacker groups specializing in Magecart attacks, which require credit card skimmers to be planted on the online stores or through companies providing services to online shops. 

It's suggested that the attackers exploited a known security vulnerability within the Magento eCommerce platform to hack the Smith & Wesson website. Magento recently warned its customers to install patches for a remote code execution vulnerability that can be exploited by unauthenticated users to deliver malware. 

As of today, the malicious code is still present on the organization's website. 

Smith & Wesson website hacked

Macy's customers also recently had their payment details compromised due to Magecart code that compromised parts of their website. 

To defend against this style of attack, organizations must implement security best practices and adopt the essential CIS Controls, which suggests implementing solutions like File Integrity Monitoring. Conducting FIM to detect and audit changes to key web application source code could be used to detect these kinds of breaches.  






Louisiana Governor John Del Edwards was forced to declare a state of emergency last Friday after suffering a cyberattack that left 10% of the state's computer network servers damaged. 

Macy's has begun notifying some of its online customers that their payment details have been compromised due to Magecart code that compromised parts of their website. 

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US hosting provider SmarterASP.NET has been hit by a serious ransomware attack that's impacted the websites of its 440,000+ customers. 

Security breaches reported to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada have skyrocketed since the country introduced its new privacy law on November 1, 2018. 

Japanese media firm, Nikkei, was recently scammed out of $29 million dollars after an employee fell for a classic business email compromise (BEC) attack. 

The small country of Georgia was hit by a cyberattack on Monday, knocking the national TV station and 2,000 websites offline in the nation's largest-ever cyberattack. 

Unicredit has reported a breach of its IT systems resulting in the leak of information belonging to over 3 million customers. 

Two U.S. senators have demanded an investigation into Amazon Web Services to determine whether the cloud provider broke the law by failing to secure infrastructure that was compromised in the recent Capital One breach. 

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