Worth taking time to read the report published by Fox-IT and Group iB regarding the activities and operations of the Anunak/Carbanak hacker gang. The report provides a fascinating expose of the scale and range of theft perpetrated, including the cheeky hacking of ATM settings to issue 5,000 Ruble notes when 100 Ruble notes were requested.

Even if you aren't responsible for banking systems or an ATM network the anatomy of the hacking activities used provides a sobering insight into how an APT attack can be used to huge effect.

Starting with a highly targeted - but simple - phishing attack provides access to admin user credentials. These, in turn, are used to compromise all domain admin accounts, which in turn allow access to core systems and firewalls. From that point on, remote control software can be used to provide a hacking vantage point where anything imaginable can be carried out.

What would be worth stealing or damaging within your IT estate? What are you doing to prevent this, and would you even be able to detect a breach if one happened?


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Read the full Group-IB and Fox-IT report on Anunak: APT against financial institutions here

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