CIS Control 16

CIS Control 16: Account Monitoring and Control

Actively manage the life cycle of system and application accounts – their creation, use, dormancy, deletion – in order to minimize opportunities for attackers to leverage them.

16.1: Maintain an Inventory of Authentication Systems

  • Maintain an inventory of each of the organization’s authentication systems, including those located on-site or at a remote service provider.

16.2: Configure Centralized Point of Authentication

  • Configure access for all accounts through as few centralized points of authentication as possible, including network, security, and cloud systems.

16.3: Require Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Require multi-factor authentication for all user accounts, on all systems, whether managed on-site or by a third-party provider.

16.4: Encrypt or Hash All Authentication Credentials

  • Encrypt or hash with a salt all authentication credentials when stored.

16.5: Encrypt Transmittal of Username and Authentication Credentials

  • Ensure that all account usernames and authentication credentials are transmitted across networks using encrypted channels.

16.6: Maintain an Inventory of Accounts

  • Maintain an inventory of all accounts organized by authentication system.

16.7: Establish Process for Revoking Access

  • Establish and follow an automated process for revoking system access by disabling accounts immediately upon termination or change of responsibilities of an employee or contractor. Disabling these accounts, instead of deleting accounts, allows preservation of audit trails.

16.8: Disable Any Unassociated Accounts

  • Disable any account that cannot be associated with a business process or business owner.

16.9: Disable Dormant Accounts

  • Automatically disable dormant accounts after a set period of inactivity.

16.10: Ensure All Accounts Have An Expiration Date

  • Ensure that all accounts have an expiration date that is monitored and enforced.

16.11: Lock Workstation Sessions After Inactivity

  • Automatically lock workstation sessions after a standard period of inactivity.

16.12: Monitor Attempts to Access Deactivated Accounts

  • Monitor attempts to access deactivated accounts through audit logging.

16.13: Alert on Account Login Behavior Deviation

  • Alert when users deviate from normal login behavior, such as time-of-day, workstation location, and duration.

Figure: System Entity Relationship Diagram

CIS Control 16

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