CIS Control 17

CIS Control 17: Implement a Security Awareness and Training Program

For all functional roles in the organization (prioritizing those mission-critical to the business and its security), identify the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to support defense of the enterprise; develop and execute an integrated plan to assess, identify gaps, and remediate through policy, organizational planning, training, and awareness programs.

17.1: Perform a Skills Gap Analysis

  • Perform a skills gap analysis to understand the skills and behaviors workforce members are not adhering to, using this information to build a baseline education roadmap.

17.2: Deliver Training to Fill the Skills Gap

  • Deliver training to address the skills gap identified to positively impact workforce members’ security behavior.

17.3: Implement a Security Awareness Program

  • Create a security awareness program for all workforce members to complete on a regular basis to ensure they understand and exhibit the necessary behaviors and skills to help ensure the security of the organization. The organization’s security awareness program should be communicated in a continuous and engaging manner.

17.4: Update Awareness Content Frequently

  • Ensure that the organization’s security awareness program is updated frequently (at least annually) to address new technologies, threats, standards, and business requirements.

17.5: Train Workforce on Secure Authentication

  • Train workforce members on the importance of enabling and utilizing secure authentication.

17.6: Train Workforce on Identifying Social Engineering Attacks

  • Train the workforce on how to identify different forms of social engineering attacks, such as phishing, phone scams, and impersonation calls.

17.7: Train Workforce on Sensitive Data Handling

  • Train workforce members on how to identify and properly store, transfer, archive, and destroy sensitive information.

17.8: Train Workforce on Causes of Unintentional Data Exposure

  • Train workforce members to be aware of causes for unintentional data exposures, such as losing their mobile devices or emailing the wrong person due to autocomplete in email.

17.9: Train Workforce Members on Identifying and Reporting Incidents

  • Train workforce members to be able to identify the most common indicators of an incident and be able to report such an incident.

Figure: System Entity Relationship Diagram

CIS Control 17

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