CIS Control 9

CIS Control 9: Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols, and Services

Manage (track/control/correct) the ongoing operational use of ports, protocols, and services on networked devices in order to minimize windows of vulnerability available to attackers

9.1: Associate Active Ports, Services, and Protocols to Asset Inventory

  • Associate active ports, services, and protocols to the hardware assets in the asset inventory.

9.2: Ensure Only Approved Ports, Protocols, and Services Are Running

  • Ensure that only network ports, protocols, and services listening on a system with validated business needs are running on each system.

9.3: Perform Regular Automated Port Scans

  • Perform automated port scans on a regular basis against all systems and alert if unauthorized ports are detected on a system.

9.4: Apply Host-Based Firewalls or Port-Filtering

  • Apply host-based firewalls or port-filtering tools on end systems, with a default-deny rule that drops all traffic except those services and ports that are explicitly allowed.

9.5: Implement Application Firewalls

  • Place application firewalls in front of any critical servers to verify and validate the traffic going to the server. Any unauthorized traffic should be blocked and logged.

Figure: System Entity Relationship Diagram

CIS Control 9
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