Container and Cloud Security Posture Management

Early detection and containment is critical in terms of limiting the depth of any incursion and the opportunity for data theft or disruption. Findings from the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report suggest that over 80% of breaches still take days to discover, with at least 25% persisting for months before being found. Conversely the time for exfiltration of data is usually within the first few hours or days.

The reality is that IT operational technologies are moving faster than traditional cybersecurity solutions can keep up, leaving dangerous blind spots. Microservices and containers make IT progression faster than ever while the technologies and processes or controls we rely on for security such as vulnerability scans are still run on monthly or quarterly intervals.

Container-centric computing offers too many benefits to ignore and most analysts forecast that very few organizations will not be using container-deployed applications. In fact Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, be it native cloud or hybrid cloud services.

But while a containerized-deployment allows us to wring out the maximum delivered performance for applications, and opens up the range of platform choice for public cloud resources like AWS, Azure and Gcloud, the downside is that the number of variables in our expanding IT portfolio is growing, introducing a whole new set of configuration datasets to control and secure as we embrace the Software-defined world.

More choices and options for most is incremental: very few organizations have the luxury to replace all their legacy applications and their infrastructure. The result is that at least some legacy systems will be preserved for years to come, all of which must still be secured in addition to the newer cloud/hybrid cloud and container infrastructure.

So even though the future may be an ultra flexible cloud-based IT, the reality today is that most enterprise IT organizations are still heavily dependent on legacy applications and platforms which carry very different security requirements.

Conclusion: most will actually end up with more to manage and secure not less. The good news is that NNT can help.

“misconfigured cloud servers tied for the most frequent initial threat vector in breaches caused by malicious attacks, at 19%. Breaches due to cloud misconfigurations resulted in the average cost of a breach increasing by more than half a million dollars to $4.41 million”

IBM – Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020

The case for Cloud/SaaS Security Posture Management

When it comes to CSPM (Container and Cloud Security Posture Management), in contrast to the agile, super-flexible container world where deployments happen at sub-second speeds, typical vulnerability scans take hours to complete. Scans are usually being performed out of hours to avoid impacting business services, so they get delayed to quiet times, overnight or at the weekend. In practice most organizations will run scans once a month at most.

Equally the notion of maintaining configuration standards or standardizing on a baseline is somewhat at odds with the fluidity of contemporary IT strategies using cloud/hybrid cloud platforms. And again, the container-based Kubernetes world gives us even more configuration data to control and secure.

Despite all this, its encouraging that the security controls mandated by NIST, PCI and the CIS among others are still fit for purpose.

But operating them to keep pace let alone get out in front of IT operations is where automation and technology can play a part. The most critical of all in terms of giving most bang for buck is NNT’s SecureOps™ solution which leverages intelligent Change Control for your Cloud and Container environments. NNT SecureOps™ tends to be operated right at the centre of Business As Usual IT processes, and not only allows security standards to be maintained constantly, but gives you ultimate advantage in that all-crucial early breach detection that we know can otherwise be so damaging.

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The NNT advantage for Cloud and Container Security: SecureOps™

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Secure everything,

Before you can even begin to make IT Systems secure, you need to minimize the Attack Surface. This means reducing function to the minimum required and then applying a secure, hardened configuration to cut out exploitable vulnerabilities. Only NNT can deliver automated and accurate CIS Benchmark secure configuration guidance audits of all public cloud or hybrid cloud platforms and Kubernetes/Docker implementations AND scan for all known vulnerabilities using over 80,000 automated network vulnerability tests

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Limitless choice of security
monitoring deployment options

Deploy NNT change control anywhere you choose: directly within containers, at the Pod or Cluster level or at the Node or underlying platform. Even then you have choices to monitor mapped shared storage to monitor within a container from the outside in! This flexibility not only simplifies deployment but also reduces licensing costs – your choice! And of course, if you use our NNT SaaS hosted solutions, we can even take care of the management and maintenance leaving you to focus on running your IT services.

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Change control
guarantees system integrity

Micro services and container-delivered services are more dynamic, and with higher change-velocity than regular virtualized and physical platforms. Even so, maintaining a secure baseline configuration where only approved changes are valid is just as important as a foundational security control. Only the NNT SecureOps™ approach can keep pace, with real-time change detection, overlaid with Intelligent Planned Change technology to analyze, validate and verify all changes. Breach activity will hide in plain sight in busy environments with lots of change-noise unless an effective Change Control strategy is operated.

Automation of all Critical Security Controls with NNT SecureOps™

Only NNT SecureOps™ provides a complete coverage of the critical foundational security controls including

  • Asset Discovery and Inventory
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Maintaining a Hardened Configuration Standard
  • Change Control
  • Log Analysis
  • Real-time Breach Detection

For all container, cloud and SaaS environments, its more important that ever to control your Cloud Security Posture.

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