Change Tracker Gen 7

With National Cyber Security Awareness Month in full swing, it’s a great time for businesses and organizations to consider the constant cyber threats we face and what can be done to mitigate these risks.

October has been selected as National Cyber Security Awareness Month and aims to better educate individuals, businesses & organizations by raising awareness about cybersecurity and increasing the resiliency of the nation in the wake of a cyber-attack.

With our world being more connected than ever before, it’s important to acknowledge that although technological advances have their perks, they’ve also introduced us to a world of cybercrime that we as a nation have not had much experience with. Being constantly connected has put our privacy, identity, and finances at risk and no one is immune from these such attacks.

According to Charlie Benway, ACSC Executive Director, “Today we are entering a new era in cyber security driven by accountability and responsibility. There’s no room for lax security regardless of the size of the company. From an IT issue to a business issue to now a legal issue, cybersecurity is something that can no longer be ignored or deferred.”

Cyber security is now a shared responsibility- one that we each need to play a role in, whether that be changing passwords frequently to encrypting credit card information. Organizations are now realizing that they could be the next victim, and by introducing solutions like File Integrity Monitoring, Change & Configuration Management, Continuous Compliance, System Hardening & Vulnerability Management, and Breach Detection into their IT estate, they’ll minimize the threat of becoming the next target of a cyber-attack.

Learn more about how NNT’s Change Tracker Gen7 can help improve your organization's security posture by attending our one of NNT’s Change Tracker Gen7 Webinars. NNT’s own Mark Kerrison & Mark Kedgley will be hosting the Gen7 Webinars, delving into the latest and greatest features of NNT Change Tracker Enterprise.



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