Cyber Security Solutions across All Industries


Protect sensitive data from breaches while monitoring and ensuring continuous regulatory compliance.
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Financial Services
Automate your compliance requirements and protect against cyber threats by hardening systems and implementing closed-loop intelligent change control.
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Energy & Utilities
Secure critical infrastructure while continuously monitoring for cyber threats and NERC CIP compliance.
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Protect customer and payment data from risk of cyber threats by implementing hardened build standards and real-time file integrity monitoring.
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Achieve an unprecedented security posture and the necessary compliance requirements with state-of-the-art integrity monitoring as prescribed by Center for Internet Security (CIS), NIST and other leading frameworks.
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Manufacturing & Industrial
Digital manufacturing presents enormous risk given the threat landscape and attack surfaces industrial automation and control systems (IACS) present. Let NNT bridge the security gap between IT and OT for your connected factory.
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Delivering foundational security controls as prescribed by leading security frameworks such as CIS and NIST with the operational discipline of change control and configuration management.

Organizations must understand the probability of being attacked, how it affects them and, even more importantly, which factors can reduce or increase the impact and cost of a data breach.

Certain industries have higher data breach costs. Figures below compare 2017 per capita costs of records breached by industry classification to the four-year average. Heavily regulated industries such as healthcare and financial have a per capita data breach cost substantially higher than the overall mean of $141.

The problem is not being solved and continues to get worse for most industries.

industry graph
Source: 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study, Ponemon Institute, June 2017

Simply put, the proposed security strategies and technologies created by the traditional security leaders over the past decade have fallen short. As security breaches continue to outpace security spending, we have to look at the problem domain differently and leverage best practices that have proven results. CIS Critical Controls is one of those organizations that takes an agnostic and independent view of security and provide a prescriptive framework detailing what to do and in what order. Listen to the CEO of Center for Internet Security address how they plan on helping both public and private sectors reverse the current trends in security breaches.

Cited testimony by John Gilligan, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Internet Security, Hearing on Private Sector Data Breaches, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee, United States Senate, Thursday, March 7, 2019.

Read John Gilligan’s testimony  |   Watch John Gilligan’s testimony

"Up to 91% of all security breaches can be auto-detected when release,
change and configuration management controls are implemented.

Let NNT show you how we can dramatically influence this 91% statistic where the risk of breaches are significantly reduced while overall IT security effectiveness and service availability go up. One of the overlooked benefits of implementing these controls is that continuous compliance and assurance can be delivered in real-time, regardless of the regulatory mandate.

This combined approach of security and service availability is what NNT calls SecureOps™. SecureOps combines established best practices for security and IT service management to deliver a holistic and comprehensive solution that identifies and highlights unknown, unwanted and potentially malicious events in real-time…without all the NOISE and headaches of endless alerts.

Simply put…if you control CHANGE you control SECURITY!

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Access a broad range of CIS Benchmark reports to audit your enterprise and continuously monitor for any drift from your hardened state.
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Server Hardening

Server Hardening Resources
Download Hardened Services checklists, derived by NNT in conjunction with Microsoft, to manually audit your servers for compliance.
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Audit Policy

Audit Policy Template Resources
Gain access to audit policies derived from the Center for Internet Security to generate audit logs on all relevant security levels.
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