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While the United States and the United Kingdom may be working towards gaining access to encrypted messaging platforms, the Dutch government is opposing any moves to introduce these so called ‘backdoors’ to help law enforcers.

The Ministry of Security and Justice claims that a system allowing law enforcement access to encrypted information would in turn make digital systems more vulnerable to attackers.

The five-page response to the Dutch House of Representatives also went on to say:

“The government recognizes the importance of strong encryption for internet security, to support the protection of the privacy of citizens, for confidential communication of government and enterprises, and for the Dutch economy. Therefore, the government believes that it is not desirable at this time to take restrictive regulatory measures in respect of the development, availability and use of encryption within the Netherlands.”

This announcement comes amid a global emphasis on surveillance, snooping and encryption in the wake of catastrophic terrorist attacks and cyber-attacks. The United States as well as the UK are both pushing for enhanced snooping legislation while the Dutch have rejected the idea of weakening the nation’s security by introducing backdoors into software.

The response identified several reasons as to why encryption is critical for businesses and industries alike. It stated that with the public increasingly relying on the internet for things like shopping & banking purposes, it’s essential that this sensitive information be protected, which is only made possible through the use of encryption.

The Dutch government also noted that encryption supports the respect of privacy and the confidentiality of communications with citizens, highlighting the importance of freedom of expression.



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