Greenbone Security Manager (GSM)

The world’s only UNLIMITED vulnerability scanner. Unlike other vulnerablity scanners that are rigidly licensed by a fixed range of IP addresses, Greenbone scanners are only limited by their scanning rate. Need to scan more devices than usual? No problem, and no nasty upgrade fees!

You probably already know about Greenbone technology? OpenVAS is the most widely used open-source vulnerability scanning product, with over 30,000 installations worldwide.

But the commercial version is even better! The Greenbone Security Manager provides a complete vulnerability scanning solution for organizations of any industry, size or location

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The Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) is a feature-rich enterprise solution providing needed capabilities for its integration into an overall security architecture, even for high-security networks requiring an air-gap approach. It is built for the professional use in enterprises and administrations, delivered as a turn-key appliance. It delivers the full capabilities and features to our enterprise customers in a hassle-free way, where there is only one who is responsible for the functioning of your Vulnerability Management Solution – Greenbone Networks.

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An Outside In Perspective

Businesses of all types, sizes and geographic locations have trusted Greenbone to be their foundation for vulnerability management with more than 30,000 professional installation.

With Greenbones's Vulnerability Management solution, they're looking at your IT infrastructure from the outside – just like a potential attacker would. Their aim is to locate any vulnerability that might exist in your IT infrastructure and provide efforts of remediating and mitigating the potential risk and exposure.

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IT Security is a Process

New software vulnerabilities are discovered on a daily basis. Greenbone manages the process of detecting, removing and controlling the inherent risk of vulnerabilities throughout the entire lifecycle of the operating system and/or applications.

The Greenbone Security Manager will test your IT network and any devices connected to it for more than 76,000 vulnerabilities – automatically. You'll receive a daily security status update to mitigate your risk of exposure. The vulnerability check also gives you information on the severity of the problem so that you can prioritize efforts to remediate.

Typical causes of vulnerability are improper configuration or programming errors, unauthorized installations or violations of security measures. The Greenbone Security Manager uncovers these and countless other risks – and will help you set priorities.

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The Greenbone Security Managers at a Glance

For each company size and application area, Greenbone provides the perfect fit. The Greenbone Security Manager supports an unlimited number of target IP addresses. Based on a scan every 24 hours, Greenbone provides the number of target IP addresses in the table below. There is now a complete range of Virtual Scanning Appliance options available (Physical Appliances also available, please ask for details).

Greenbone Product Comparison
Check out the features of each model here:

Virtual Appliance

Virtual Sensor

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Use Case
Medium Enterprise / Branch Location Medium Enterprise / Branch Location Medium Enterprise / Branch Location Medium Enterprise / Branch Location Small and Medium Enterprise/ Branch Location Entry Enterprise/
Training / Audit-via-
Entry Enterprise/ Micro Offices Sensor for Managed Services / Branch Scans
Support Level
Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum Base Platinum (Managed via Master)
Daily Capacity (IPs to be scanned per day) 2,000-18,000 1,000-9,000 300-3,000 50-1,500 50 – 500 20-300 20-300 20 – 300
Memory on Hypervisor (GB)
24 16 8 8 8 4 4 4
12 8 6 4 2 2 2 2
Virtual Ports
8 8 8 4 4 1 1 4
Port Roles
8 ports dynamic 8 ports dynamic 8 ports dynamic 4 ports dynamic 4 ports dynamic 1 port management/ scan/ update 1 port management/ scan/ update 4 ports dynamic
GSM Networks
Master Mode
(Scan & Management)
up to 24 sensors up to 12 sensors up to 6 sensors up to 2 sensors
Sensor Mode
(Managed via Master)
Airgap Sensor Mode
Open VM tools
Greenbone OS
SSH v2 Support
Syslog (UDP/TCP/TLS)
Alerts (SMTP, HTTP,…) / Scheduling
Report Plugins
IPv6 support
Certificate Management
Backup/ Restore Remote, Periodic, VM Snapshot Remote, Periodic, VM Snapshot Remote, Periodic, VM Snapshot Remote, Periodic, VM Snapshot VM Snapshot via Hypervisor VM Snapshot via Hypervisor VM Snapshot via Hypervisor VM Snapshot via Hypervisor
Greenbone Security Feed Information

The Greenbone Security Feed features a permanent stream of over 80,000 Network Vulnerability Tests (NVT) – and more are being added every day. The scan engine is capable of recognizing known and potential security problems thanks to this daily update, regardless of what devices are connected to your network.

  • Content
  • Tests according to CVE alerts
  • Tests according to Bugtraq alerts
  • Aggregate compliance rulesets
  • Controls for scan agents
  • Embedded Nmap NSE test routines
  • Coverage: MS Windows, GNU/Linux (Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, Redhat, SUSE, Ubuntu), Solaris, HP-UX, Cisco and various active networks components
  • Features
  • Globally networked development team: North-America, Europe and Asia
  • Multi-tier quality assurance process
  • Multiple daily updates
  • Encrypted transfer
  • Test routines are digitally signed
  • Vulnerability tests via remote network access
  • Vulnerability tests via credentials
  • The core content of the Greenbone Security Feed consists of
  • NVTs (Network Vulnerability Tests)
  • SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) and
  • CERT (Computer Emergency Respone Team) data.
  • The content of the Greenbone Security Feed undergoes a distinct process before it arrives at their customers' sites.
  • Screening (validity)
  • Research (type, correlation, priority)
  • Implementation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Release (into feed service)
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