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What is the difference between OpenVAS
and Greenbone Security Manager?

Greenbone is a world-leader in Vulnerability Management technology. Providing world-class vulnerability scanners with a vast range of built-in tests to expose all known vulnerablities. Scans are fast and easy, providing complete control over scan depth and coverage.

Greenbone technology is available in open source and commercial versions.

Greenbone Manager Greenbone Community Edition
Greenbone Security Manager OpenVAS
Setting-up Turn-key (10 minutes) Selection of operating system and hardware, then build on your own or install readily available community packages; perhaps use a community VM
Coverage Concerted: All OpenVAS modules with several scan tools Select and align on your own or take community defaults
Feed compatibility Assured with SLA Establish your own
Performance Optimized for hardware Optimize on your own
Backup/Recovery Integrated To be solved individually
Fixes Assured with SLA To be managed on your own, perhaps import Community-Fixes
Support Assured with SLA Via community on volunteer basis
Updates Regularly and seamless On your own pace and method

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The commercial version for the Network Vulnerability Tests (NVT's) used by the scanner is call the Greenbone Security Feed whereas the open source version is called Greenbone Community Feed. The primary difference between these two are the total number of included feeds. Both feeds are updated on a daily basis. However, the community feed is solely reliant on the open source community to update.

Network Vulnerability Tests (NVT's)
Greenbone Security Feed Greenbone Community Feed
Quality Assurance (QA) Consistent Variable
Availability Assured with SLA No promise
Fixes / Improvements Assured with SLA No promise
Support Assured with SLA Via community on volunteer basis
Updates Constantly / daily Constantly / daily, but without enterprise features
Transfer Encrypted Unencrypted
NVT Signatures SLA for QA/Fixes Transfer Integrity
Approximate Feeds 70,000 + ~ 45,000

An Outside In Perspective

Businesses of all types, sizes and geographic locations have trusted Greenbone to be their foundation for vulnerability management with more than 30,000 professional installation.

With Greenbones's Vulnerability Management solution, they're looking at your IT infrastructure from the outside – just like a potential attacker would. Their aim is to locate any vulnerability that might exist in your IT infrastructure and provide efforts of remediating and mitigating the potential risk and exposure.

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IT Security is a Process

New software vulnerabilities are discovered on a daily basis. Greenbone manages the process of detecting, removing and controlling the inherent risk of vulnerabilities throughout the entire lifecycle of the operating system and/or applications.

The Greenbone Security Manager will test your IT network and any devices connected to it for more than 76,000 vulnerabilities – automatically. You'll receive a daily security status update to mitigate your risk of exposure. The vulnerability check also gives you information on the severity of the problem so that you can prioritize efforts to remediate.

Typical causes of vulnerability are improper configuration or programming errors, unauthorized installations or violations of security measures. The Greenbone Security Manager uncovers these and countless other risks – and will help you set priorities.

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The building blocks of the Greenbone Security Managers are the Greenbone OS and the Greenbone Security Feed. Integration occurs on a hardware appliance and also available as a virtual appliance.

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