New Net Technologies (NNT), today’s leader in Intelligent Change Control, has released a substantial update to their IT security suite: Release 2.0 of the NNT F.A.S.T (File-Approved Safe Technology) Cloud.

The challenge for organizations historically has been managing overwhelming change noise, separating the ‘everyday okay’ changes from the ‘unusual or suspicious’ changes. It’s an incredibly time-consuming task, but essential to spot cases like Zero-Day malware, Ransomware, Trojans, and APTs. The solution to this daunting task is the NNT F.A.S.T Cloud. File Integrity Monitoring is a key security best practice for all GRC (governance, risk management, and compliance) standards. 

The NNT F.A.S.T Cloud leverages Cloud-Based Threat Intelligence and automatically authorizes file changes as they are detected using the world’s largest authoritative file whitelist. With over 4 Billion file reputation whitelist data behind it, the built-in knowledge of ‘safe’ files is comprehensive, meaning that change noise is muted to expose the remaining minority of genuinely suspicious unrecognized files. Within this minority there will be legitimate, non-whitelisted files, such as personalized applications and occasional ‘left-field’ niche products, which can then be re-classified once assessed.

By identifying these approved whitelisted changes, change noise, and ultimately, the time spent analyzing changes is cut by over 99%.

NNT ‘s Change Tracker Gen7, combined with file reputation intelligence from the world’s leading manufacturers and continuously updating as patches occur, including NNT’s patch intelligence, leaves your organization with only the few remaining potential breach activity containing neither blacklisted nor whitelisted files.

“As with most things in life, biggest is best, and this expansion of NNT FAST Cloud boosts its knowledge of whitelisted, safe files way beyond other equivalent file reputation repositories” said Mark Kerrison, NNT CEO, adding “This type of threat intelligence is vital as an authoritative second opinion on ‘are these filesystem changes safe and expected, or in fact indicators of compromise?”

NNT was recently acknowledged in the Cybersecurity Ventures Top 500 for its delivery of this exact technology, ranking in at number 54 on the top 500 list of the hottest security companies to look out for in 2017 


New Net Technologies (NNT) is a cyber security and compliance solutions manufacturer delivering non-stop, improvement based change control, compliance management, vulnerability management and breach detection solutions. NNT's Change Tracker Gen7 is a powerful system integrity monitoring tool that truly adheres to the underlying mission statement of the organization: To build and bring to market cyber security solutions that are the: Easiest to Use, Most fully-Featured and Most Affordable. After years of experience and hundreds of clients ranging from Government, Non-Profit, SME’s & Fortune 500 Enterprise Organizations, NNT is in the perfect position to deliver quality and security.


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