According to Intel Security, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) organizations are not highlighting the importance of security in their IoT developments.

This survey conducted by the Southeast Asian region of Intel Security surveyed IT leaders from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Thailand ranked lowest in regards to IoT security awareness, with only 39% of IT leaders recognizing the need to implement enhanced security measures. Singapore, ironically, ranked in at 42%, which has raised concerns since the country has the highest mobile penetration globally. Malaysia and Indonesia stood at 46% and 40%, respectively. The Philippines ranked as the most security-conscious country, with over 53% of IT leaders understanding the urgency in implementing security enhancements.

Craig Nielsen, Managing Director of Southeast Asia at Intel Security claims, “With the evolving threat landscape, security needs to cut across the entire IoT spectrum- whether it is protecting devices, putting in access control measures, writing security codes or looking at security from a policy perspective.”

Nearly all IT leaders surveyed mutually agreed that implementing advanced security technologies is of top importance, with other suggestions including employee security awareness training, creating IT steering committees and increasing security department staff. The majority of those surveyed also agreed that better detection and analysis tools would be most effective in securing these vulnerable systems.

While leaders from Indonesia and Thailand feel that increasing the number of IT staff members would be most helpful, respondents from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines feel that more training in managing incidence response matters over multiple networks would be most helpful.

Principal research analyst at Gartner, Anmol Singh, claims, “Given the volatility and serious consequences of recent security attacks against automobiles, medical healthcare devices, and the power grids, IoT security is increasingly becoming a business imperative among mainstream organizations worldwide.”

Bringing to light the seriousness of implementing enhanced security solutions during the ASEAN region’s booming development of IoT it vitally important. Even though these countries are just at the early stages of their IoT deployments, experts predict this region will face serious issues on IT infrastructures.

Threat intelligence solutions have been developed and recommended for good reasons. Not only do these solutions help protect the valuable information of consumers and employees, but they also protect organizations from the extremely damaging consequences of a cyber-attack. From legal ramifications, damaged brand reputation, to inordinate financial costs, a breach can damage every aspect of a company, with many organizations finding it hard to repair from one.  

With Change Tracker Gen7, organizations come equipped with industry leading solutions like  File Integrity Monitoring, Change & Configuration Management, Continuous Compliance, System Hardening & Vulnerability Management, and Breach Detection, helping them fight against these malicious cyber criminals.


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