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NNT's New Configuration Remediation Kit
Your Personalized Configuration Remediation Kit
NNT offers a broad range of Configuration Remediation Kits to help get your servers, workstations, network devices, appliances and even some applications hardened to an approved standard. Even better, if you're an existing customer with a current support contract, these kits are all free!
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Top Tips & Tricks
Functional Specific Group- Inherited Monitoring & Reporting Templates
As a Change Tracker user, you'll be familiar with the automated process used for onboarding devices. Namely, when a new device registers, it is placed into a grouping structure based on the detected operating system. 
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Blog Post
Interbank Payments Become Fraudsters Latest Targets 
The latest breach of an offshore account owned by Union Bank of India is raising new questions about the security of interbank payments, which fraudsters have been seen to easily compromise due to outdated backend authentication methods. 
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U.S. Olympian Michael Phelps Targeted by Hackers in DDoS Attack
Shortly after taking home his 19th gold medal, Phelps became the prime target for a DDoS attack. The attackers, New World, are notoriously known for targeting celebrities and other high profile individuals, all in the name of security research. 
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PCI DSS V3.2 Compliance in Brief
This table lists the requirements for the PCI DSS V3.2 and where NNT Change Tracker & NNT Log Tracker can provide a solution. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
NNT is always updating our FAQ's page to stay up to date with our customers most frequently asked questions and helpful tips to better navigate our solutions.
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Educational Moment Recap: Automatically Fix Server Weaknesses with NNT
NNT's most recent Educational Moment was on the topic of Configuration Policy Remediation. With NNT's latest Threat Mitigation Kits, organizations are equipped with the necessary configuration and vulnerability checklists, which NNT further automated to automatically fix any weaknesses identified within your systems. Whether you're interested in partner training, customer training, or simply on the market for data security and compliance solutions, we encourage everyone to watch this video! 
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