August 29th, 2018

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Is your organization struggling to find the most resource-effective way to manage the increased demand for compliance and security? Do you have multiple compliance requirements and don't understand where they overlap and which ones to start with? Or is it that you are simply overwhelmed by the descriptive nature of compliance and need help with prescriptive guidance that prioritizes the requirements?


Is Patching a double-edged sword?

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Hackers steal $14M from Cosmos Bank ATM Attack

Cyber thieves managed to walk away with $13.5 million (944 million rupees) from India’s Cosmos Bank after making illegal withdrawals at ATMs across 28 countries over the past weekend.

According to Reuters, after conducting a malware attack on the bank’s ATM server, the criminals stole Cosmos’ customer data and used cloned cards to withdraw 805 million rupees in 14,849 transactions in only a two hour time period. Aside from the thousands of ATM withdrawals, the hackers also managed to transfer 139 million rupees to a Hong Kong-based company’s account. 

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NIST Small business cybersecurity act signed into law

The NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act introduced by U.S. Rep. Dan Webster in March 2017 was signed into law by President Donald Trump on Tuesday to help small businesses effectively manage cybersecurity.

The law directs NIST and other federal agencies to “disseminate clear and concise guidance to help small business identify, assess, manage, and reduce their cybersecurity risks.” The guidance is based on the existing NIST Cybersecurity Framework and its implementation is voluntary by small businesses.

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understanding the basic cis controls: CSC 1-6

As data breaches continue to increase in severity and scale, more than ever organizations need to ensure they have the basic security controls in place to keep their data safe from attack.

In response to today’s growing threat landscape, the SANS Institute, together with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) have developed the 20 CIS Controls (CSC) to give organizations clarity on what really needs to be focused on in terms of security best practices.

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Cheddars scratch kitchen breach hits 500K customers


Leading U.S. healthcare provider hit by phishing attack

One of the leading U.S. healthcare organizations (HCO) has revealed that a phishing attack in September 2017 may have led to the compromise of highly sensitive data belonging to nearly half a million patients.

Augusta University Health, based out of Georgia, claimed to be notified by investigators on July 31 that an attack last September on a member of the hospitals' staff may have given hackers access to data belonging to 417,000 patients. The HCO suffered a second phishing attack on July 11; the incident is still being investigated, however, Augusta said it was “smaller in scope”.

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