February 21st, 2017


Don't Forget to Join Us Tomorrow February 22nd at 11am EST!

During tomorrow's webinar on Modernizing your Cyber Security Approach with the Center for Internet Security you'll hear directly from our panel of experts – David Froud with Core Concept Security, Adam Montville with the Center for Internet Security (CIS), Mark Kerrison with NNT, and Mark Kedgley with NNT. They'll be covering the increased importance of applying the Center for Internet Security standard to your modern cyber security approach, and will also be highlighting the benefits of combining the CIS standards with ongoing, real-time compliance monitoring.

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Inter continental Hotels Confirms Breach at 12 Hotels

An announcement made by InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) confirmed that a credit card breach affected at least 12 of its properties in the United States. IHG released a statement explaining it found malicious software installed on point of sale servers between August and December 2016 at restaurants and bars of 12 IHG-managed properties. The stolen credit card data included information stored on the magnetic stripe of credit and debit cards, including card holder name, card number, expiration data, and internal verification code

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Our panel of experts will be asked a series of questions, including: Why is it that a huge number of breaches are still able to exploit existing known vulnerabilities, Why do you need to understand the state of the configuration of your IT estate, Why do organizations tend to prioritize focus on perimeter defenses at the expense of the actual systems that store sensitive data, What's the latest guidance on Ransomware, Why is the Center for Internet Security relevant, and What is the safest thing to do when eliminating vulnerabilities by hardening.


Cloud Security & Compliance in Action

The cloud has created a level of convenience and scalability that was unprecedented until just a few years ago. However, while cloud adoption has gained popularity over the last few years, security and compliance have historically been lacking in this field. The daunting task of incorporating a cloud environment into any business is a headache enough, not to mention the complexities a business has to face when complying with regulatory standards. But these standards are put in place to ensure sensitive data stored in the cloud has safeguards implemented to protect clients, employees, and companies from online harm.

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Laser Precision Planned Change Rules- Tips & Tricks

Change Tracker Gen7 has been designed to be simple to set-up and use. This is a key differentiator from the more cumbersome legacy products such as Tripwire® Enterprise with complex combinations of Tasks, Actions, Rules and Policies all with regular expression pattern matches to configure. The beauty of Change Tracker Gen7 is that all the most common monitoring and reporting tasks are pre-packed and automatically assigned to devices based on an intelligent discovery process. 

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The governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, announced last Thursday comprehensive new cyber security regulations for the financial service industry, in an effort to improve cyber resilience within the financial sector and keep customer data safe. 

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