May 31st, 2017

WannaCry Ransomware Didn't Start with Phishing Attack

The WannaCry Ransomware campaign that struck users globally early last week has been thought to have started with malware-infected phishing emails, but according to Malwarebytes, that’s not the case. Malwarebytes claims that instead of starting via phishing email, the ransomware campaign was instead initiated by scanning for vulnerable SMB ports exposed to the public internet. Hackers then used the NSA’s EternalBlue exploit to gain access to the target network and deployed the DoublePulsar backdoor to gain persistence, allowing for the installation of additional malware, like WannaCry.

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Google Phishing attack targeted permissions & credentials

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Derive, report & Track drift from an approved system image baseline using gen7

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Hackers expose 17 million zomato user credentials on the Dark web



Quarterly Update: F.A.S.T Cloud Integration from NNT CEO & CTO

File Integrity Monitoring is essential to ensure the integrity of your security IT systems. Reporting these changes can be a headache though- how do you differentiate between 'good', planned changes, and 'bad', possibly malicious activity? The solution is to leverage Cloud-Based Threat Intelligence and automatically authorize file changes as they are detected using the world’s largest authoritative file whitelist. And now you can do just that, using the NNT FAST Cloud (File Approved-Safe Technology).

Watch NNT's recorded Quarterly Update, presented by NNT CTO, Mark Kedgley, and NNT CEO, Mark Kerrison as they provide a detailed technical overview of our latest feature, the F.A.S.T Cloud.

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Payment service provider passes PCI audit with Gen7

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Implementing layered security to protect against modern malware

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