September 27th, 2018

Register Now for Our Upcoming Webinar with the Center for Internet Security! 

In the first of a series of webinars delivered by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and NNT, we will be highlighting the benefits of combining security and operations to achieve common IT goals in our unique SecureOps™ strategy.

Join Tony Sager, Vice President and Chief Evangelist for the CIS and Founder of the Secure Controls Framework and Mark Kedgley, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of NNT in our interactive webinar and learn:

  • Facts that support why the SecureOps™ strategy is necessary and long overdue – Manage by Fact Not Fiction
  • Why the CIS "Basic" Controls are essentially operational controls – the Common Denominators
  • How to prioritize IT controls based on risk mitigation and defensive effectiveness
  • Commonalities between security and operations –where 1+1=3
  • How the CIS and NNT can help organizations prioritize efforts where 20% of the effort delivers 80% of the value – the Cliff Notes

Register now and get a free copy of the new SANS Security Leadership Poster and a fully-functional extended trial of NNT Change Tracker Gen7 to see how easily you can embrace SecureOps™ in your environment.


U.S. State Department Failing to Address IT Security Basics

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equifax update: hackers made 9K unauthorized database queries

The latest report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) claims it took Equifax 76 days to detect the massive 2017 data breach, despite hackers having made over 9,000 unauthorized queries on its databases.

Last May, malicious actors exploited a known security vulnerability within the Apache Struts development framework (specifically Apache Struts CVE-2017-5638) in order to gain unauthorized access into Equifax systems.

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bristol airport hit by ransomware attack

The Bristol Airport in the UK suffered widespread outages for past two days after being hit by a ransomware attack on Friday.

The airport has announced normal services has resumed, but for two days airport staff was forced to physically write flight updates on whiteboards to provide travelers with essential travel information on flight arrivals and departures.


cybercriminals outspend organizations in uphill cyber security battle

The latest research from Carbon Black claims that the cyber-criminal community spends over $1T per year on developing new attack methods, compared to the $96B spent by organizations per year to protect themselves from attacks.

UK organizations should remain vigilant in their efforts to enhance cyber defense efforts as hackers continue to spend an average of 10 times more money finding weaknesses in cybersecurity defenses than the organizations they target are spending on defending against attacks.

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Secure controls framework now available with NNT

U.S.Government payment provider exposes 14M records

A popular platform used to make payments to U.S. government entities has leaked 14 million customer receipts through a website error.

Government Payment Service runs the GovPayNet portal that Americans across 35 states use to pay their bills, fines, license fees, and much more. However, Brian Krebs recently reported that the online receipts that are issued by GovPayNet were sequentially numbered and by entering new digits into the address bar individuals could view other customer records dating back to 2012.

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