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What's New in Change Tracker Gen 7™

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What’s new in NNT Change Tracker Gen 7

Provide continuous protection against cyber-security attacks - Introducing ‘Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control’

Revolutionary Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control (CLICC) - Active Change Noise-Reduction

Gen 7 introduces a new ‘Intelligent’ approach to system integrity monitoring

  • No change noise = clear visibility of breach activity
  • ‘CLICC’ functionality automatically assesses changes made to IT systems against expected/permitted changes to the config baseline
  • Automatic assessment and learning of expected behavior e.g. patching updates, Gen 7 continually enhances system intelligence
  • Integrate with Threat Intelligence feeds for real-time evaluation of malware

Re-imagined and completely re-engineered Hub and UI

Completely re-engineered UI and Hub

  • New UI: mobile app-style web interface
  • Central Hub server can now be deployed on both Windows and Linux
  • Full visibility and control over device events - filters can be saved and re-used, or to define a scheduled report

Fully automated provisioning of new devices

Automated discovery process learns device type, role and location: devices are auto-assigned monitoring and reporting templates

  • Even large estates can be auto-provisoned in just a few hours
  • Get a continuously updated compliance assessment of your estate automatically

Maintain security and compliance: complete configuration change control Let Gen 7 do the work for you

Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control provides automated, forensic analysis of all configuration changes

  • Approved changes can be added to a Planned Change - just point & click. Subsequent occurrences of the same change will be auto-approved
  • Changes that do not match a Planned Change template will be highlighted as potential security incidents
  • Removes the workload associated with the outdated process of reviewing a FIM Changes Report and promoting changes to the Baseline

Massive scalability, Enterprise- class performance capacity

New Hub architecture designed for scalability and performance

  • Re-engineered Hub has been designed to support in excess of 50,000 devices
  • Capacity can be scaled up further, using an extended event pipeline across multiple servers
  • Database can be sharded to increase resilience and performance

Report on any detail, for any event, for any devices

Change event repository is fully keyword indexed: events can be filtered and selected precisely

  • Select events by username, file hash value or any other keyword
  • build flexible reports to show any combination of attributes and details

Many Other Enhancements

  • Scheduled Report operation: any events, any devices, one-off or repeated ƒƒ
  • Comprehensive REST API provides full, two-way integration with 3rd Party change and incident management systems such as Remedy and ServiceNow ƒƒ ƒƒ
  • Agentless monitoring can be distributed using new Proxy Agent for enhanced security and flexibility ƒƒ

What's new in NNT Change Tracker Version 6.5?

Provide continuous protection against cyber-security attacks with real-time threat detection for all platforms - and now database systems too.

Now protect your database management systems using the same Change Tracker™ technology trusted by auditors, security professionals and customers around the world.

Fully automated vulnerability assessment for all leading Database Systems, including Oracle and SQL Server

  • Maximize Security - identify security vulnerabilities in your databases before they can be exploited
  • Assess compliance with manufacturer best practices in secure configuration - plain english report shows any violation

New generation of Agent technology now extended to Windows - Real-Time FIM provided for all Windows, Unix and Linux platforms

  • New 64bit agent uses common codebase across all platforms, including Windows, Solaris and all leading Linux
  • Massive Scalability - policy enforcement and change tracking distributed across hosts gives substantial increase in efficiency over agentless scanning
  • Regex-based file exclusion/inclusion rules, recursion control, selectable hash algorithm (inc. MD5, SHA512)
  • Live-tracking for file attributes plus ‘before and after’ reporting of changes to text-based config files

New Change Tracker™ service and revised Console for high-performance 64bit operation

  • All Change Tracker™ components now operate with native 64bit support
  • System-wide file integrity monitoring now faster than ever, with rock-solid stability
  • Ten-fold increase for device numbers and file change reporting support
  • Hundreds of thousands of files can be tracked using both agent-based and agentless trackers

New Compliance Reports and enhanced File Changes reporting

  • All reports improved for Version 6.5
  • Updated Compliance Report format provides ‘cleaner’ test results, makes build-standard drift correction easier than ever
  • CIS Certified Reports now available for Center for Internet Security Benchmark checklists
  • Revised FIM report provides details of any ‘device unavailable’ periods to satisfy auditor requirements
  • FIM Changes can now be provided in CSV/Excel format for simplifying analysis by larger teams
  • Updated reports for all platforms, including Server 2012

Monitoring and Report Templates can be operated independently

  • Report against multiple GRC Standards while using a separate monitoring template
  • For fast track compliance programs, the Vulnerability Report template can be assigned automatically as a monitoring template
  • For larger IT Teams, reports can be processed without changing the monitoring template, convenient for organizations subject to multiple governance standards

Change Tracker On-Line GUI enhanced

  • Prioritized File Integrity set-up incorporates new ‘File/Folder Match Rule’ for exacting control of FIM policy
  • Inclusions and exclusions can be controlled with surgical precision even for custom applications

Many Other Enhancements

  • Keyword exclusion for specified Software Updates such as regular AV updates
  • Agentless FIM tracker performance improved to handle 50K plus FIM changes per poll
  • New Agent Local Web Interface, self-contained report generation and viewing
  • Standardized syslog message format for direct SIEM integration

Change Tracker 6.5 screen shots


What's new in NNT Change Tracker Version 6.0?

Unix Linux FIM AgentThe easiest and fastest way to harness The Art of Layered Security and protect your organizations' information assets

New generation of Agent technology - Real-Time FIM now provided for Unix and Linux platforms

Completely new agent technology provides real-time FIM for Solaris, Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE and RedHat

  • Maximize Security - real-time detection of potential security breaches
  • Massive Scalability - policy enforcement and change tracking distributed across hosts gives substantial increase in performance and efficiency compared to agentless tracking
  • Laser precision for FIM - Enhanced Regex-based file exclusion/inclusion rules, recursion depth controls, plus selectable hashing algorithm (SHA1, MD5, SHA256, SHA512)


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