NAPLES, Fla., Jan. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- New Net Technologies (NNT), today's thought leader in security and IT service management, announced significant advancements to its cyber security portfolio with the release of Vulnerability Tracker™.

Through a strategic collaboration with Greenbone Networks, NNT will advance their security through system integrity strategy with distributed, fast and accurate Enterprise-Class vulnerability scanning.

Vulnerability Tracker™ is based on the enterprise-class Greenbone version of OpenVAS, the world's most widely adopted vulnerability assessment tool. This forms a significant evolution of NNT's SecureOps™ Enterprise Security Strategy and complements NNT's award-winning Change Tracker™ Gen7R2 to further efforts in solving IT Security through the definition and delivery of Integrity. Integrity is the cornerstone of any successful cybersecurity strategy and is defined by the SANS Institute and Center for Internet Security as the most critical pillar to achieving a trusted platform.     

Vulnerability scanning is a core foundational security control identified by the Center for Internet Security's Top 20 CIS Controls. Vulnerability Tracker™ directly addresses the CIS Controls for Inventory, Secure Configurations, Control of Ports and Services and of course, Continuous Vulnerability Assessments. As one of a handful of vendors certified by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), organizations can guarantee that the integrity and security of all their IT systems, are hardened and free of all known vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Tracker quickly identifies known vulnerabilities within software and configuration settings before they can be exploited by a cyber-attack. For any vulnerabilities identified, full details of the exploit are provided, along with clear and concise guidance to remediate and eliminate the threat.  Vulnerability Tracker continuously tests and assesses IT networks and any device connected against more than 66,000 Network Vulnerability Tests (NVTs). New vulnerabilities are added daily through various content providers and industry resources which include CVE's, Bugtraq and other trusted content providers.

"Vulnerability management is an essential element for every security strategy and aligns with the most basic cyber-security principles," said Mark Kedgley, Chief Technology Officer at NNT. "Vulnerability Tracker is based on the commercial Greenbone Security Feed which means that vulnerability intelligence is always 100% up to date, and that you have the means to identify the latest threats. It's the fastest and clearest way to ensure that your infrastructure is operating with the least amount of risk."


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NNT is the leading provider of SecureOps™. SecureOps™ combines the essential, foundational security controls as prescribed by all leading security frameworks such as CIS and NIST with the operational discipline of change management. By ensuring you have the prescribed essential security controls in place combined with the ability to correlate changes within your environment with an approved ticket or set of intelligent rules, organizations are able to prevent and protect themselves against all forms of breach as well as gaining full control of changes for both security and operational peace of mind. For more information, visit


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