New Net Technologies (NNT) Launches
NNT Change Tracker v5.5

The most comprehensively featured and easy to use version yet.

NNT Ltd, a global provider of PCI DSS and IT security and compliance software solutions, today announced the launch of Version 5.5 of NNT Change Tracker, which is designed to improve information access, speed of information and IT security governance via a re-engineered interface and a multitude of new features.

NNT Change Tracker provides a full suite of change management, file integrity monitoring, system hardening and policy management tools for all devices across heterogeneous environments. A comprehensive and easy to use system auditing and change detection solution, the software is particularly pertinent in managing compliance requirements such as PCI DSS as it enables organizations to audit IT systems for vulnerabilities and then set a baseline to monitor changes to configurations, file systems, registries and settings, with a simple and secure dashboard that ensures systems are, and remain, compliant.

Utilizing a new 64bit mode web interface, version 5.5 of NNT Change Tracker is easier and faster to use and aims to simplify and unify File Integrity Monitoring and Configuration Hardening by using a universal agent that looks and behaves the same across all platforms - whether using Windows8, Mac OSX or Solaris the set-up and results are the same. Version 5.5's new comprehensive functionality also includes:

  • Reconciled Planned Change function to enhance the Closed Loop Change Management process, with the ability to record, label and annotate unplanned changes, giving tight control without the hassle normally associated with the process.
  • Choice of agentless file integrity for fast set-up and light-touch monitoring, or agent-based file integrity monitoring where high-security file hashing is required.
  • ‘Who made the change’ reported in real-time, with salient information summarized in an ‘at a glance’ format to quickly establish whether changes made are a threat.
  • Comprehensive array of vulnerability assessment compliance reports for Windows, Network and Linux/Unix; including Windows desktop and server OS versions, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Solaris and HP/UX Linus/Unix platforms and all major vendors of network appliances, switches and routers.
  • Automated reports providing a clear summary of Planned and Unplanned changes in support of the Change Management process, giving details of planned changes for review with the facility to confirm that unplanned changes are investigated.

“Version 5.5 is our most comprehensive but easy to use version yet.” comments Mark Kedgley, Chief Technical Officer at NNT. Kedgley continues: “Our strategy has always been to build a software solution set that is a match to our customers’ needs, addresses their day to day IT security challenges and keeps pace with the evolving threatscape, and where possible, automates and simplifies the process. It is very important to us that our software has greater agility, is better featured and easier to use than any other solution in the marketplace, but possibly more important is that it needs to be cost effective and affordable for organizations to protect their network against threats and breaches.”

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