NAPLES, Fla.Oct. 24, 2018 -- New Net Technologies (NNT), leader in security through system integrity, today announced significant advances to its flagship change control solution with the release of Change Tracker Gen7 R2.   Gen7 R2 solves IT Security and Service Management problems that plague every organization.

Completely re-designed to enhance scalability and manageability, change noise is also reduced by more than 90% through the use of built-in threat intelligence, integration with ITSM systems, and advanced automation. Gen7 R2 elevates system integrity monitoring to unprecedented levels of forensic visibility and change control. Crucially, many of the innovations directly address alert fatigue, the nemesis of traditional file integrity monitoring tools.

At the core is NNT's self-learning breach detection technology. This utilizes pattern-matching intelligence to identify expected, planned changes, against unexpected changes, including indicators of compromise. Gen7 R2 leverages contextual change control, underpinned by the world's largest authoritative whitelist database, enabling organizations to spot breach activity in real-time and act before any serious damage is done.

In fact, Change Tracker Gen7 R2 provides three key technologies that work together to give the security intelligence needed, without false positives.

  • NNT F.A.S.T Cloud
  • NNT Intelligent Closed-Loop Change Control
  • NNT ITSM Integration

It's so revolutionary that industry analysts have positioned NNT's concept as an entirely new IT Service Management discipline – SecureOps™.

SecureOps™ monitors your organization's attack surface, highlighting where systems require security hardening. NNT is a fully certified Center for Internet Security (CIS) Vendor: where Gen7 R2 leverages the latest secure configuration guidance and benchmarks from an industry-leading authority.

But what makes Gen7 R2 unique is its Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control technology, delivering forensic change control but without disruptive change noise. Gen7 R2 is the only integrity monitoring solution to be ServiceNow® Certified, automatically reconciling actual changes to the approved change request (other ITSM integrations available).

"All security breaches start with a change or the need for a change. Having clear visibility of all changes is the only way to ensure systems remain secure," said Mark Kedgley, NNT CTO.


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New Net Technologies (NNT) is the leading provider of Security through System Integrity, helping organizations reduce their security risk, increase service availability and achieve continuous compliance. NNT automates the operation of CIS Controls, leveraging intelligent change control technology to track system integrity, and using dynamic policy management to ensure systems remain secure, available and compliant. Visit


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