As well as being a fantastic aid to general IT troubleshooting and management, Log Analysis or SIEM, is a key weapon in the fight against any cyber-attack. By gathering logs from all devices including network devices, Unix and Windows servers, applications and databases, and analyzing them for unusual or suspicious activity the method and source of any attack can be identified, enabling preventative measures to be continually improved.

This is why all security policies place log retention at their core. PCI DSS compliance for example, requires logs to be gathered and reviewed daily, and retained for at least one year. Similarly for GCSx Code of Connection or CoCo compliance - audit logs recording user activities, exceptions and information security events are to be retained for at least 6 months. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology has revolutionized the use of log analysis as a means of identifying the clues and pointers indicating a hacker activity to provide a powerful cyber defense system.

Log Tracker Enterprise™ from NNT will gather logs from all:-

  • Network devices
  • Windows, Unix and Linux servers
  • Firewall or IPS and IDS devices, Email and Web Servers
  • Oracle and SQL Server Database and Application servers
  • IBM Mainframes and IBM iSeries - AS/400
  • All other potentially useful sources of log information

NNT Log Tracker Enterprise™ doesn’t stop there. All event logs are analyzed and correlated automatically, applying a comprehensive series of rules pertinent to any Security or Governance policy. Any breach of compliance will be alerted immediately allowing pre-emptive action to be taken before a problem arises. Pre-defined rules templates allow you to be in control of compliance, straight out-of-the box. And of course, even subtle hacker activity will be highlighted in real-time using Log Tracker SIEM threat detection rules.

NNT’s complete solution for all Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) requirements provides:-

  • Support for all Security and Governance policies, via pre-packed Compliance Rule Templates
  • Real-time security warnings i.e. violation of file integrity monitoring rules
  • PCI DSS and GCSx Code of Connection support ‘out of the box’
  • Web-based dashboard and integration with Servicedesk as standard
  • Powerful, keyword-based Event Log mining across any combination of devices and applications

Log Tracker Enterprise™ allows you to focus on true exceptions and important events by masking off the sometimes overwhelming flood of logs. The pre-built Compliance Templates can be used to build your own keyword and logic-based correlation rules, allowing you to manage what really matters to your organization from a security and compliance standpoint.

Key features of NNT Log Tracker SIEM solutions versus the competition:-

  • 100% software-based solution provides a much less restrictive solution than fixed-form appliances from LogRhythm and McAfee
  • Easy to expand capacity via VM resource without rigid events per seconds (EPS) licensing used by most other SIEM appliances such as QRadar and ArcSight
  • Larger scale requirements catered for using multiple distributed event collectors and servers making Log Tracker even more flexible than appliance-based solutions
  • No limit on daily license or indexing capacity unlike comparable solutions from Splunk which cost more anytime the basic Gigabyte allowance is exceeded
  • No hidden or extra costs for different device types, Manufacturers or Databases to be covered
  • Where a managed SIEM service or outsourced PCI Compliance Service is preferred, NNT can offer our NNT Security Event Analysis Service, providing a comparable service to that offered by the likes of Trustwave
  • Plus all the benefits of NNT Change Tracker's non-stop, continuous vulnerability management and real-time, enterprise-class file integrity monitoring

NNT Log Tracker Enterprise integrates with NNT Change Tracker™ for a fully comprehensive security and compliance solution.

Read what RetailTechnology say about NNT SIEM and FIM solutions
“Fashion retailer Jack Wills has invested in change and log tracking software to help it secure its card transaction processing environment and maintain its compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)”

Read what Risk UK say about NNT SIEM and Event Log Management solutions
“Do you view security incidents in black and white or glorious technicolor? A good SIEM system is essential but an Enterprise FIM solution will give you so much more”

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