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NNT Change Tracker provides a lower cost and easy to use alternative to Tripwire®

You have the right of choice. Whether considering a new deployment or even a replacement deployment, whatever you do, take a look at NNT first!

Key Fact: NNT pricing is very affordable as compared to the equivalent Tripwire® solution.

Our licensing is simple and affordable – tell us how many devices you need to cover and whether you want database systems included and we will give you a 'no ifs, ands or buts' pricing structure. One price, no matter what the device type or function. Cost of ownership is clear and predictable with no nasty surprises.

Give us a try! We are very confident that we can reduce your existing Tripwire® support & maintenance costs from anywhere between 40% and 70% over a 3 year period. We can save you money and improve service!

As one of our customers said:
"NNT offered us a solution and price that was hard to ignore. The combination of excellent software and their super support has allowed us to implement a solution that saves us thousands of dollars in annual running costs compared to Tripwire®"

NNT Is Easy to Use!

Initial setup and on-going management of NNT Change Tracker is simple – common tracking and reporting policies are built-in. Intelligent discovery and asset mapping automates the provision of ready made templates to get your systems into a known, clean, secure and compliant state in no time at all. Intelligent change detection ensures they remain that way at all times.

Feature-for-feature, NNT is more than a match for Tripwire® Enterprise.
"Initially, back in 2010, we were recommended Tripwire®'s solution but we soon found it to be an over-priced option and we were not impressed with the service we were receiving.
The differences between Tripwire® and NNT were extremely clear to see. Firstly, NNT was very responsive from the outset and committed to everything we needed to go live with the solution immediately. Four years later, I'm pleased to say our relationship with NNT is as strong today as it was when we first started using their service. Their support is brilliant and they've always had a fantastic response time to any of our queries. In fact on one occasion during an audit, an assessor raised an issue so we decided to email NNT whilst the assessor was still with us. He was blown away that within five minutes we had someone on the phone and everything had been resolved."
IT Manager UK Based Call Center

NNT is Fully Featured!

Easy to scale across any organization, NNT Change Tracker™ provides a comprehensive solution, including:

  • Intelligent, Real-time File Integrity Monitoring for compliance, breach detection and change control
  • Automatic provisioning of devices with reporting and tracking templates
  • All major platforms supported – Windows, Linux, Unix, Database Systems, Firewalls and Network Devices
  • CIS Security Software Certification awarded for CIS Security Benchmarks, the recognized authority for secure configuration compliance checklists.
  • Full Enterprise feature set such as regex-based FIM rules and 'Who Made the Change?'
  • 'Closed-Loop, Intelligent Change Control' features allows the pre-assignment of planned changes based on patch profiles, service accounts and regex definitions


Let us show you a demonstration or share some pricing with you. We are certain you will be impressed and glad you took the time to look at NNT

"Tripwire® were already known to us and NNT were a relative newcomer, one we came across via a Google search, and I can honestly say we have never looked back."
David McKnight, Director of Data and Network Security

"We wanted a flexible solution that was able to tick all the PCI boxes for us but also gave us additional benefits such as enhanced troubleshooting and improved management of our systems. We ran detailed evaluations and side-by-side comparisons for a number of the leading solutions and, put simply, we chose NNT because they offered the features we needed, their support was excellent throughout and they offered us a very competitive price"
IT Manager European Based Airline

"Based on a recommendation from our Sister Company jetBlue, we decided to look at NNT as a possible alternative to Tripwire®. As a result, we now have a solution that ticks all the boxes, is much easier to use and way less expensive."
Julian Cortez, Live TV

And the #1 Tripwire® Alternative solution that delivers all the key security and compliance benefits of file integrity monitoring is NNT Change Tracker™
Easiest To Use – Most Fully Featured – Most Affordable
Learn more about NNT Change Tracker here »

Tripwire® Alternative Press

“Few experts would argue against the importance of real-time file integrity monitoring (FIM) in an era of fast changing and sophisticated security threats. It is literally impossible to second guess the method of a breach and therefore the ‘last line of defense’ detection offered by FIM has never been more critical”

Read how File Integrity Monitoring has changed for the better and how there is now a real alternative to Tripwire® that isn’t complex, difficult to use or expensive to buy and manage.

Which Product Do I Need?

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"Tripwire have nothing on you guys. Each day I am looking at your product and the service you guys are providing, I am more convinced we made absolutely the right choice!

You have already bested Tripwire in every conceivable and meaningful way. In that you have communicated with us and set some expectations. Yes, your tool is superior in many ways, which is important. But the communication is everything! You’ve listened and you’re taking action.”
Phil Dowling, Senior Manager,
IT & Security, Maxwell Paper

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