Vulnerability Tracker™ - Identifying Known Vulnerabilities Within Software and Configuration Settings

Vulnerability scanning is an essential foundational security control and vital for every organization. Cyber attacks such as WannaCry and Petya, left many asking the question: How can we stay safely ahead of the next threat?

Using NNT Vulnerability Tracker™ will ensure that any known vulnerabilities can be identified within your IT infrastructure before they are exploited.

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99% of the vulnerabilities exploited by the end of 2020 will continue to be ones known by security and IT professionals at the time of the incident - Gartner


NNT’s Vulnerability Tracker™ identifies known vulnerabilities within software and configuration settings before they can be exploited by a cyber-attack. Vulnerability Tracker continuously tests and assesses your IT network and any device connected to it against thousands of Network Vulnerability Tests (NVTs).

New vulnerabilities are added daily through various content providers and industry trusted resources which include CVE and Bugtraq alerts, aggregate compliance rulesets, controls for scan agents and embedded NMAP NSE test routines.

Countless Tests

Countless Tests
Over 82,000 automated NNT-VT vulnerability tests, continuously expanded in real-time.

Real-Time Intelligence

Real-Time Intelligence
Over 146,000 CVEs updated every minute
via live cloud-feed.

Automates CIS Controls

Blended credentialed and non-credentialed tests to give flexibility to your scanning program.

Automates CIS Controls

Distributed Architecture
Fully distributed architecture provides centrally controlled, scanning mesh even for the largest global enterprise networks.

Automates CIS Controls

CIS Control
Directly addresses CIS Controls for Inventory, Secure Configurations, Control of Ports and Services and Continuous Vulnerability Assessments.

Automates CIS Controls

Rapid Scanning
Hyper-fast scanning technology means you can assess over 50,000 endpoints per 24 hours.

Key Highlights
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Continuously updated armoury of tests to identify vulnerabilities, with full remediation guidance provided to eliminate the threat

CIS Controls

Directly addresses CIS Controls for Inventory, Secure Configurations, Control of Ports and Services and of course, Continuous Vulnerability Assessments

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Tired of dealing with false positives? NNT Vulnerability Tracker™ delivers class-leading accuracy, guaranteeing the lowest false positive per scan ratio in the vulnerability scanner market


Massive scalability with options for a fully distributed scanning network to cover 100,000s of endpoints.

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Without integrity you don’t have security and without security you don’t have trusted computing. – Ron Ross, NIST

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Access CIS Resources

Access a broad range of CIS Benchmark reports to audit your enterprise and continuously monitor for any drift from your hardened state.

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Server Hardening

Server Hardening Resources

Download Hardened Services checklists, derived by NNT in conjunction with Microsoft, to manually audit your servers for compliance.

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Audit Policy

Audit Policy Template Resources

Gain access to audit policies derived from the Center for Internet Security to generate audit logs on all relevant security levels.

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