Video: PCI DSS VERSION 3.0: Manage PCI Compliance in ten minutes a day

Join NNT for an insight to the newly announced PCI DSS Version 3.0 and see how PCI security best practices can be operated in just ten minutes a day in this new, 30 minute webinar.

"Cardholder data continues to be a target for criminals. Lack of education and awareness around payment security and poor implementation and maintenance of the PCI Standards leads to many of the security breaches happening today" PCI SSC 'PCI DSS 3.0 Change Highlights - August 2013'

A big part of the drive for the new version of the standard is to give it some fresh impetus. Just because the PCI DSS isn't new, it doesn't make it any less relevant today. How relevant? The hard facts are outlined in the recent Nilson report. Their findings are that global card fraud losses have now exceeded $11Billion

"Card issuer losses occur mainly at the point of sale from counterfeit cards. Issuers bear the fraud loss if they give merchants authorization to accept the payment. Merchant and acquirer losses occur mainly on card-not-present (CNP) transactions on the Web, at a call center, or through mail order"

And while card fraud is still a very real problem, the PCI DSS needs to be taken seriously with all requirements fully implemented, and practised daily.

If, like many other merchants and payment processors, you have delayed the implementation of PCI measures, or perhaps you only partially adhere to PCI requirements, then this webinar will be ideal. See how you can automate and simplify the bulk of PCI requirements, streamlining your compliance procedures down to a 'checks and balances' task which should only take an average of 10 minutes a day.

Sounds interesting? If you are a card payment processor or merchant, this webinar will help you understand how PCI DSS requirements have changed. It will also help you review what the real priorities are for maintaining a high secure environment without overburdening you or your organization with unnecessary expense and work.

Target Breach - The NNT Perspective PDF Download - Target Breach - The NNT Perspective

How did it really happen?
target breachWhat can you do to prevent the same happening to your organization?

The breach at Target has not just been big news within the Information Security community; it is worldwide headline news in all mainstream media outlets. This article looks at Brian Krebs’† excellent (as usual) investigation and analysis of the story so far from an NNT perspective.

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