Easiest to Use - Most Fully Featured - Most Affordable File Integrity Monitoring Solution Available.

NNT's unrivalled and intelligent approach to File Integrity Monitoring provides sophisticated, automated filters and templates to ensure that only critical and unapproved file changes are flagged. This in turn massively reduces the background noise caused by most FIM tools, arming you with the right information & context that you need to spot any unwelcome breach! The number one solution that delivers all the key security and compliance benefits of file integrity monitoring is NNT Change Tracker™. Easiest To Use- Most Fully Featured - Most Affordable.
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Effective File Integrity Monitoring doesn't just report File Changes, it intelligently alerts you to those that are suspicious.

NNT Isn't just another FIM tool. In fact, NNT Change Tracker's File Integrity Monitoring helps you to strengthen security in 4 key areas:

1 Compliance

- All governance, regulatory and compliance standards like NIST 800-53, SOX, PCI DSS, NERC CIP, HIPAA , FedRAMP, DISA STIG all mandate the need for cyber security controls. Maintaining system integrity is a key control for provably secure systems, as is vulnerability mitigation and malware protection. File Integrity Monitoring technology is a central requirement to all compliance standards including the application of a Hardened Build Standard.

2 System Hardening / Vulnerability Management

– the science of rendering servers, database systems, firewalls, EPOS systems and all other IT devices fundamentally secure is still the most effective - but often the most neglected - security best practice. Todays' contemporary networked systems rely on inter-operation, ease of use and open access – all in direct opposition to system security. A Hardened System is one that has a 'locked down' configuration, removing all unnecessary function, access and other potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a hacker. NNT utilizes the information security industry's leading authority on secure configuration guidance, which is the Center for Internet Security. CIS Benchmarks are the recommended hardened build-standard for all security and compliance initiatives. Combining a defined, compliant and hardened system standard with real time File Integrity Monitoring offers the reassurance that systems are and will remain in a secure state at all times.

3 Breach Detection and Malware Protection

– Zero Day Threats, by definition, are invisible to Anti-Virus systems. Trojans that masquerade as legitimate system files can be hidden in plain-sight. Application Backdoors, once embedded, will remain operational forever unless regular file integrity checks are run. Breach and Intrusion detection requires forensic-level change detection for files, registry hives, service and process lists and other indicators such as operating network ports. NNT doesn't just report file changes. NNT forensically evaluates the normal operation of all of your systems and applications and alerts you to unauthorized or suspicious changes that could well be a zero day or an otherwise unknown breach. In fact, any change to the process, service states, registries, applications software, anything that might be subject to change can be tracked. Thankfully even the most sophisticated Malware has to precipitate some sort of a change in order to function. Deploy NNT and give yourself the reassurance of spotting even zero day or otherwise unknown forms of breach!

4 Configuration Management and Change Control

– the only constant in IT is the perpetual state of change. Patching, upgrades, new users, new sites, new applications all require changes to the network, servers and workstations. Any change may re-introduce vulnerabilities that contravene your organization's Hardened Build Standard, so continuous File Integrity Monitoring is essential for maintaining security. NNT has the inbuilt intelligence to automate the process of defining good and expected changes from the unexpected and potentially harmful ones.

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And the number one solution that delivers all the
key security and compliance benefits of file integrity monitoring is NNT Change Tracker™

Easiest To Use – Most Fully Featured – Most Affordable
Learn more about NNT Change Tracker here

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gvecWith the increased regulatory pressures associated to PCI DSS and NERC CIP compliance, NNT Change Tracker has become an invaluable addition to both our processes and systems that allow us to maintain our compliance without adversely affecting our workload
Chris Murphy, Head of IT, Guadalupe Valley Electric Co-Op, Texas

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