IT Security & PCI DSS

IT Security & PCI DSS ( 10 Files )

NNT Change Tracker Enterprise™ is an easy to use and extremely cost effective system auditing and change detection solution for improved security, compliance and IT management. One easy to use solution, combining

  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Change & Configuration Management
  • Device Hardening


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NNT Whitepaper - The Art of Layered Security NNT Whitepaper - The Art of Layered Security

Threats to theft of Intellectual Property, financial data, Cardholder Data, PII (Personally Identifiable Information) are more diverse and increasingly difficult to defend against. The traditional ‘internet vandalism’ from viruses is still an issue but the ‘threatscape’ in 2012 is far more diverse and dangerous than ever before.

Not only is it becoming more difficult to protect your confidential data, but more important too.

Your enterprise is under attack right now and if a breach is successful, you could lose your Intellectual Property, your sensitive company planning and financial data, your market intelligence and with it, your overall competitive edge could be setback by years. 

This whitepaper discusses the threat posed by the contemporary threatscape and why it is vital to practise The Art of Layered Security.

But this could be the best case scenario. If you lose cardholder data or customer personal information, not only would you be left with the costs of financial compensation and system repairs to be paid, but with your brand value and company reputation severely damaged.

Target Breach - The NNT Perspective Target Breach - The NNT Perspective

How did it really happen?
What can you do to prevent the same happening to your organisation?

target breachThe breach at Target has not just been big news within the Information Security community; it is worldwide headline news in all mainstream media outlets. This article looks at Brian Krebs’† excellent (as usual) investigation and analysis of the story so far from an NNT perspective.