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IT departments require the ability to quickly release, update, and automate services to sustain demand and growth in a secure and predictable manner. But how can you possibly know whether the changes that are actually happening within your environment right now were in fact approved and more importantly are safe?

NNT’s award winning change control solution has recently integrated with BMC Remedy to ‘for the first time ever’, deliver a comprehensive and intuitive change control capability that will correlate all changes occurring throughout your IT environment with the approved change ticket and or manifest from your BMC solution.

NNT’s intelligent integration module seamlessly integrates with BMC’s security and ITSM products to effectively mitigate security risks and service downtime and availability. The collaboration of products enables your teams to prioritize and remediate critical vulnerabilities, and systematically address compliance violations whilst improving operational integrity, security and compliance.

BMC & NNT Integration Capabilities
Integrating Change Tracker with an ITSM

By Integrating Change Tracker™ with BMC your Capability for Change Control is Transformed
Approved changes are validated automatically, with a full audit trail of what actually changed provided and reconciled with your Change Requests. By leveraging Change Tracker Intelligent Change Control™, repeated or recurring change patterns can be modeled and re-used to segregate pre-approved changes from the unexpected and genuinely suspicious changes. This reduction of change noise revolutionizes breach detection, clearly exposing insider and zero-day malware activity.

Change Tracker™ puts a spotlight on all changes made

Change Tracker™ Puts a Spotlight on All Changes Made
Changes made during a prescribed planned change window get validated against the expected change profile - any exceptions, such as misconfigurations or additional non-scoped changes are exposed for review and remediation where required. All Unplanned Changes are also recorded in full – including who made the change, with before and after exposure of changes clearly reported. These are prioritized as BMC incidents – changes will be automatically analyzed using continuously updated Threat Intelligence – NNT F.A.S.T. Cloud™.


Validate approved changes automatically with a full audit trail of what actually changed provided.


Significantly reduce overwhelming change noise to clearly expose insider & zero-day malware activity.


Re-use recurring change patterns to isolate pre-approved changes from the unexpected & genuinely suspicious changes.


Investigate unplanned changes in full, with who made the change and before & after exposure of changes clearly reported.


Automatically analyze changes using continuously updated Threat Intelligence- NNT F.A.S.T Cloud™.

BMC & NNT - A Collaborative Solution

What does a Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control process look like?

Closed loop change process diagram

  1. Request for proposed changes are submitted to a CAB (change advisory board). The CAB either approves or rejects the request for change.
  2. If approved, a Release, Build, Test, Schedule and Deployment plan is created to take effect within a prescribed Change Management & Maintenance Window.
  3. Change Tracker is incorporated into a pre-production test environment of the ITSM tool(s). Observed changes by NNT Change Tracker are used as a mechanism to auto-build a policy to identify and suppress noise of expected changes in post-deployment environments. (NNT Change Tracker Builds New Planned Change Schedule).
  1. NNT will operate (inside and outside the Change Mgmt & Maintenance Window) to detect all changes.
  2. NNT observed changes are reconciled against approved change requests from the ITSM platform.
  3. By understanding the authorized and approved changes, NNT will highlight all the unknown, unwanted, unexpected and potentially malicious changes (additions, modifications and deletions). These are the changes needing to be reviewed and investigated immediately.

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