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NNT Change Tracker™ Gen7 R2

NNT’s newly released Change Tracker™ Gen7R2 has taken revolutionary steps to solve IT security and the problems that have plagued organizations and industries for more than a decade. Designed with both security and IT operations in mind, Gen7R2 is the first and only solution to reduce change noise and complexity of integrity monitoring and policy management while allowing for unprecedented scalability and management that meets the most demanding enterprise environments.


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NNT Vulnerability Tracker

Through a strategic collaboration with Greenbone Networks, NNT has advanced their Security through System Integrity strategy with the adoption of distributed, fast and accurate Enterprise-class vulnerability scanning. NNT’s Vulnerability Tracker enables organizations to cost-effectively improve their IT posture by focusing your remediation guidance on the assets that pose the highest risk to your network. 


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CIS Solution Briefs

CIS Controls

Learn how NNT addresses the CIS controls

The CIS Controls provide clarity on what organizations really need to be focusing on in terms of security best practices to help prioritize actions that must be taken to defend against cyber threats. Learn more about the CIS Controls and which controls NNT can you help address.


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The 6 Basic CIS Controls & NNT

CIS Controls 1-6 represent the Basic controls that focus on the fundamentals of securing the infrastructure and monitoring it regularly for changes. Learn how NNT can help you address these controls and reduce your risk of successful cyberattacks by 90%.


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CIS Controls Requirements Breakdown

This solution brief will help you understand the expectations behind each CIS Control and what NNT products and solutions will help you address almost all of the security controls across the twenty different categories.


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ITSM Solution Briefs

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Change Tracker & ServiceNow Integration

NNT has integrated its award-winning Change Tracker ™ Gen7 with ServiceNow’s leading service management framework to enable a closed-loop environment for change management.  


Change Tracker & ServiceNow Integration Solution Brief »

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Change Tracker & Cherwell Integration

NNT has integrated its award-winning Change Tracker ™ Gen7 R2 solution with leading ITSM provider, Cherwell, to deliver Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control.


Change Tracker & Cherwell Integration Solution Brief »

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Change Tracker & BMC Integration

NNT has integrated its award-winning Change Tracker ™ Gen7 R2 solution with a leading ITSM provider, BMC Remedy, to deliver Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control as part of NNT's visionary SecureOps strategy.


Change Tracker & BMC Integration Solution Brief »

Compliance Solution Briefs

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NIST 800-53 Solution Brief

Let NNT show you how a single solution addresses a large portion of the security and compliance requirements outlined in 800-53 across the 18 security categories, with an emphasis on Configuration Management Policy and Procedures and Information Integrity.


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NIST 800-171 Solution Brief

NIST 800-171 is very descriptive and requires an understanding of the 110 controls across 14 categories. Let NNT show you how a single solution addresses one-third of all the security and compliance requirements across the various 14 categories.


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PCI DSS Version 3.2.1 Solution Brief

Learn about the 12 PCI DSS Requirements and how our NNT Security Suite - Change Tracker, Log Tracker, and Vulnerability Tracker - can help you comply with most of your PCI DSS requirements.


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HIPAA Solution Brief

NNT solutions combine the essential security controls prescribed by leading frameworks such as HIPAA/HITECH, including real-time file integrity monitoring, vulnerability management and log intelligence with the operational discipline of change management and control.


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ICS/OT Solution Brief

As OT and IT converge, it is time for an all-encompassing approach to securing mission-critical digital assets. Start with the essential controls recommended by NERC CIP or IEC 62443, start with full visibility about connected devices and the changes happening on them.


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NNT Solution Briefs

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NNT Managed Services

NNT Managed Services are principally designed to help our customers get even more value from their NNT software & better protect them from security-related issues. This service aims to ensure the continuous optimization of the features and functionality within NNT Change Tracker and Log Tracker.


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Security Through System Integrity

NNT Security Through System Integrity

Security through System Integrity starts by ensuring the essential Critical Security Controls are in place to establish a solid security foundation. Once the Critical Controls are operational, NNT leverages Intelligent Change Control technology to track and analyze changes to your systems’ integrity using self-learning whitelisting technology and threat intelligence.


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NNT Software as a Service (SaaS)

Enterprises continue to shift from on-premise software applications to SaaS-delivered applications for a variety of obvious reasons, such as cutting operational costs, saving valuable time and resources, and ease of use. A SaaS solution can help significantly increase agility and reduce operational cost and risk, but not all SaaS solutions should be treated equally.


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