ITSM Integration

Connect your existing IT Service Management tools with NNT to correlate the changes that occur within your IT environment with those that were actually planned and approved.

By combining the best practice, operational discipline of Change Management with the compliance and security discipline of Change Monitoring and Change Control, you will inherently improve the security of your operations – SecureOps for short!

NNT’s suite of ITSM integration options combines the ability to correlate changes within your environment with an approved ticket or set of intelligent change rules, which in turn helps to prevent and protect against all forms of breach as well as gaining full control of changes for security, compliance and operational peace of mind.

Let NNT and any one of our ITSM partners demonstrate how these established integrated solutions can maximize your operational integrity, security and compliance by implementing a closed-loop intelligent change control solution.

91% of all security breaches can be auto-detected when release, change and configuration management controls like NNT are properly implemented
- IT Process Institute

The industry needs to begin to stop following bright shiny objects and looking for silver bullets. Solving the problem of security requires basic fundamental IT management methodology driven from years of factual evidence and data. Simply put…If you control CHANGE you control SECURITY!

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Security Through System Integrity
IT Process Institute Report

80% of unplanned downtime is due to Change
- Gartner

Change is the root cause for majority of all service availability issues. If you implement a Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control solution you can drastically reduce the risk of service down-time. Change is the only constant…which requires a solution to facilitates known and expected changes that have been pre-tested and pre-approved.

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Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control

197 days is the average length of time it takes for organizations to detect a data breach
- Ponemon Institute

NNT and its ITSM partners can provide a unique solution that takes the 197 day average to detect a breach down to 1 day. By allowing only known and expected changes to occur, all other identified and detected changes can be discretely managed and removed if necessary.

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Continuous Compliance & Assurance

CHANGE CONTROL is the common denominator across IT Security, Availability and Compliance! If you control change you control your IT risk, service availability and ability to demonstrate compliance on a daily basis.

ITSM Solution Partners

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ITSM Tools & NNT - A Collaborative Solution

Change Management and Change Control are two very different but necessary solutions to an effective enterprise and service management strategy. Change Management is and has been the process of implementing change relative to an authorized work order that incorporates a release plan, build, test, schedule and deploy. The component that has been missing to create an effective closed-loop solution is change control.

Change control enables the reconciliation of authorized and expected changes against what is continuously observed to pinpoint unknown, unauthorized or malicious activity…all of which can have a catastrophic or negative impact on both security or availability. Whether it’s an employee circumventing a process of a hacker trying to gain access to sensitive information, both situations are unwanted.

By adopting this approach, the traditional problem of “change noise” is eliminated where generated alerts become a short list of priorities needing to be reviewed and/or remediated.

Closed loop change process diagram

What does a Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control process look like?
  1. Request for proposed changes are submitted to a CAB (change advisory board). The CAB either approves or rejects the request for change.
  2. If approved, a Release, Build, Test, Schedule and Deployment plan is created to take effect within a prescribed Change Management & Maintenance Window.
  3. Change Tracker is incorporated into a pre-production test environment of the ITSM tool(s). Observed changes by NNT Change Tracker are used as a mechanism to auto-build a policy to identify and suppress noise of expected changes in post-deployment environments. (NNT Change Tracker Builds New Planned Change Schedule).
  4. NNT will operate (inside and outside the Change Mgmt & Maintenance Window) to detect all changes.
  5. NNT observed changes are reconciled against approved change requests from the ITSM platform.
  6. By understanding the authorized and approved changes, NNT will highlight all the unknown, unwanted, unexpected and potentially malicious changes (additions, modifications and deletions). These are the changes needing to be reviewed and investigated immediately.

NNT Integration Capabilities


Validate approved changes automatically with a full audit trail of what actually changed provided.


Significantly reduce overwhelming change noise to clearly expose insider & zero-day malware activity.


Re-use recurring change patterns to isolate pre-approved changes from the unexpected & genuinely suspicious changes.


Investigate unplanned changes in full, with who made the change and before & after exposure of changes clearly reported.


Automatically analyze changes using continuously updated Threat Intelligence- NNT F.A.S.T Cloud™.

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