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NNT Managed Services are designed to help our customers get even more value from their NNT software & better protect them from security related issues. This service aims to ensure the continuous optimization of the features and functionality within NNT Change Tracker and Log Tracker.


The service, typically conducted through regular remote sessions, will focus on maintaining the tuning, alerting, and usability of the software and extend the automation and integration within the customer environment to ensure better protection and compliance at all times. This also enables NNT to provide your IT staff with on-going “real world” software configuration and usage familiarization and training.

The key focuses for this Managed Service offering include:

  • Governance
  • Change Control
  • Security
  • Automation
  • Compliance
  • Integration

Note: These elements represent the base service provided. NNT is able to add & enhance the deliverables as required in order to better help with issues that may be specific to your environment.

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NNT Change Tracker Deliverables

Technical Account Management Team

Team will meet as a minimum every other week with Customer stakeholders.

Bi-Weekly Check-In Meetings

Meetings to be held every-other week (Day of week TBD) between Customer and NNT Team Members to review the status of the current NNT software deployment. This includes: troubleshooting, training requirements, assistance for employees, along with any requested actions from the Customer Team.

Consistent Review of Change Rules

Consistent review of change rules alongside Customer process, to ensure minimal change noise is generated & the ability to identify suspicious change activity is made easier:

NNT Change Control Program

NNT Change Control Program included - details here: https://www.newnettechnologies.com/nnt-recommended-change-control-program.html

Monthly Change Analysis to Improve Change Control

Monthly written summary of change analysis to identify areas to improve change control and system security

Monthly System Configuration and Baseline Review

Monthly review of system configurations and baselines to ensure all Customer in-scope systems remain securely configured and ‘fit for purpose’ at all times

Upcoming or Expected Change Discussion

Discuss any upcoming expected changes to ensure these changes are accepted by the NNT Software and do not result in unnecessary alerting

Systems Configuration and Operation Assistance

NNT Team to provide systems configuration and operations assistance upon request

Maintain, Monitor & Oversee System Configurations, Dashboards, Alerting, and Reporting

Maintain, monitor, and oversee system configurations, dashboards, alerting, and reporting

Customer Training

NNT to provide training to Customer stakeholders with regards to effective use of NNT Change Tracker software

NNT FAST Cloud Service Optimization

NNT FAST Cloud Service optimization to automatically approve File Changes, leveraging embedded whitelist

Ongoing Automation and Integration

Ongoing Automation & Integration work with other Customer tools for improved performance within the Customer environment

NNT Log Tracker Deliverables

Effectively Configured Alerts

Alerts effectively Configured for Log Tracker with ticketed actions assigned to the right people

Refined & Specific Correlation Threads

Refined and specific Correlation Threads created for Log Tracker to support Customers on going Governance, Security & Compliance requirements

Reporting Set-Up for IT Management & Auditors

Reporting Setup for IT Staff, Management & Auditors

Email Alerting

Email alerting setup to ensure all interested stakeholders are receiving good & relevant information

Review & Configure Security & Compliance Rules

Security & Compliance rules reviewed and configured to spot & prevent threat attacks

Tickets Configured with Escalation and Actions Defined

Tickets configured with escalation and actions defined

Compliance Scorecards set up for Audit

Compliance scorecards set up for Auditor presentation

Ongoing Ad-Hoc Configurations

Ongoing ad-hoc configurations to the Log Tracker Server as needed

Log Retention

Log retention properly configured and optimized using intelligent filters to ensure critical logs are retained and log noise is minimized

End-Point Devices Configured

End point devices configured for appropriate log generation

Appropriate User Accounts Generated with Permissions and Alerts

Appropriate user accounts generated with permissions and alerts

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