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At NNT, we recognize that requirements differ from customer to customer. To make sure we deliver a solution that is right for your environment, we have a comprehensive selection of implementation and managed service options available. Our world-class solutions are backed by the support and expertise needed to help you maximize the benefits quickly, efficiently and effectively. NNT's products can be delivered in any one of three ways.


Software Only
This is the traditional option where customers have the responsibility of designing, testing, deploying and operating NNT's products (on-prem).

Software as a Service
This option provides the necessary infrastructure to run NNT's products remotely in a secure and highly available data center where customers can securely operate NNT through virtual private network connectivity.

Managed Service
Managed Services options from NNT allows customers to delegate the management and optimization of your NNT software to our dedicated team of professionals. NNT Will ensure that your software is primed at all times to deliver the maximum value. We will not only manage the uptime, availability and security of the NNT application but we will also ensure it is effectively delivering the full benefit of all features.


On-Prem Software Software as a Service Managed Service

NNT software functionality delivered:

  • Continuous File Integrity Monitoring
  • System Hardening and Vulnerability Management
  • Continuous Compliance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management combined with Intelligent Change Control
  • Breach Detection- Host Intrusion Detection
  • Log Analysis/SIEM
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Implementation services

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Customer operation of NNT

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Hardware and hosting requirements provided as a function of the software deliverable(s)

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Post Deployment Check-Up Service

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Change Control Advantage Option

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Continuous operation of NNT software that maximizes the feature/functionality/benefits while not having to worry about the daily care and feeding



Dedicated Service & Support Team

Regardless of the service delivery option you choose, NNT provides dedicated Service & Support teams located around the world to assist you with implementing, optimizing, and supporting NNT

Implementations across the globe

We have hundreds of successful implementations across a wide variety of organizations and industries around the world. You can rest easy knowing you will benefit from this broad experience throughout the planning, deployment, and ongoing optimization of your NNT data security and compliance solution.

Explore our Service Options

NNT Deliverable Options Include

Software Only
NNT Software is famously easy to use. This option allows customers to simply deploy NNT software on premises. NNT will of course ensure that the solution is fully implemented and optimized for use.

NNT Implementation Services
Whether you're a new customer or an existing client that's upgrading or expanding, NNT's Implementation Services have the level of assistance that's right for you. Click here to learn more about NNT's Implementation Services.

NNT Software as a Service (SaaS)
NNT Software as a service (SaaS) provides secure delivery of the features within the NNT over the internet from a secure hosted location. Customers can securely operate NNT through virtual private network connectivity without the headache of building and deploying infrastructure.

NNT Change Control Advantage Option
Without our help, controlling changes can be one of the biggest challenges facing multi-functional IT Teams. The size of task, process, and coordination of effort often means that changes continue to occur outside of any planned change approvals and the IT team is unable to prevent this from continuing. The solution? NNT's Managed Change Control Program. Click here to learn more about NNT's Change Control Program.

NNT Managed Services
NNT Managed Services are designed to help our customers get even more value from their NNT software and better protect them from security-related issues. This service aims to ensure the continuous optimization of the features and functionality within NNT Change Tracker and Log Tracker. Click here to learn more about NNT Managed Services.

NNT Post Deployment Check-Up Service
NNT understands that the first months with a new product are the most important. This is when the real learning is done and operational processes put in place to integrate the solution within the organization. Therefore to help our customers maximize the effectiveness of their investment, the NNT team will conduct a free post-deployment check-up to ensure everything is running smoothly. Click here to learn more about NNT's Post-Deployment Check-Up.

The Most Powerful & Reliable Cybersecurity Products

change tracker gen7r2 logo

Change Tracker Gen 7R2: Complete configuration and system integrity assurance combined with the most comprehensive and intelligent change control solution available.

FAST Cloud logo

Fast Cloud: Leverage the world’s largest whitelist repository to automatically evaluate and verify the authenticity of file changes in real-time with NNT FAST™ (File Approved-Safe Technology)

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Vulnerability Tracker: The world’s only limitless and unrestricted vulnerability scanning solution with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, protecting your IT assets on premises, in the cloud and mobile endpoints.

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Log Tracker: Comprehensive and easy to use security information & event log management with intelligent & self-learning correlation technology to highlight potentially harmful activity in seconds

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