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Digital manufacturing presents enormous risk given the threat landscape and attack surfaces industrial automation and control systems (IACS) present. Let NNT bridge the security gap between IT and OT for your connected factory.

Manufacturing and Cybersecurity

The manufacturing industry is becoming one of the most frequently hacked industries. The problem often lies in the fact that they don’t believe that they are likely targets because they don’t hold sizeable amounts of sensitive information or consumer data and therefore, they don’t concentrate on cybersecurity.

This perception is changing quickly. Imagine something as simple as a design that your company has spent years to develop and invested millions of dollars getting into competitors’ hands. In the blink of an eye, your investment and competitive advantage are wiped away. Not only that, personal staff data is equally valuable within a manufacturing business to the indiscriminate nature of today’s cyber hacker!

NNT solutions combines the essential, foundational security controls as prescribed by all leading security frameworks such as NIST and CIS with the operational discipline of change management.

By ensuring you have the prescribed essential security controls in place combined with the ability to correlate changes within your environment with an approved ticket or set of intelligent rules, organizations are able to get audit ready, prevent and protect themselves against all forms of breach as well as gaining full control of changes for both security and operational peace of mind.

Let NNT demonstrate how our real-time intrusion detection solution can help mitigate the risk of a security breach with our award-winning suite of products

Stop the Breach or Spot the Breach

Compliance, Controls and CIS

Whether you are a manufacturer implementing a cybersecurity program or a DoD supplier needing to achieve compliance, following a best practices standard or framework like the CIS Critical Controls is a good and effective place to start. NNT provides a solution for each of the top 6 CIS Controls as a means to establishing a comprehensive set of foundation controls necessary for every IT department.

NNT’s technology is equipped with out-of-the-box policies and templates designed to provide real-time threat intelligence and continuous compliance across all your devices throughout your infrastructure.

NNT and CIS Controls Solution Briefing

NNT Solutions Mapped to NIST SP 800-171

The 5 Compliance Stages White Paper

Select the compliance mandates your organization must address and receive a free summary needed to be completed and satisfy each requirement

Reliability and Availability

Deploying the right controls can have an impact that not only protects you against cyber attacks but can dramatically improve reliability and availability.

With NNT’s numerous certified integrations with leading IT Service management technologies, incident management and change management processes are enhanced to deliver a closed-loop intelligent change control solution. A process that reconciles authorized, expected and approved changes with observed changes leaving a change manifest that highlights unknown, unwanted or malicious changes.

IT Service Management & NNT Integration Solution Brief

NNT's Recommended Change Control Program White Paper

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The Most Powerful & Reliable Cybersecurity Products

change tracker gen7r2 logo

Change Tracker Gen 7R2: Complete configuration and system integrity assurance combined with the most comprehensive and intelligent change control solution available.

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Fast Cloud: Leverage the world’s largest whitelist repository to automatically evaluate and verify the authenticity of file changes in real-time with NNT FAST™ (File Approved-Safe Technology)

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Vulnerability Tracker: The world’s only limitless and unrestricted vulnerability scanning solution with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, protecting your IT assets on premises, in the cloud and mobile endpoints.

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Log Tracker: Comprehensive and easy to use security information & event log management with intelligent & self-learning correlation technology to highlight potentially harmful activity in seconds

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