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Whether it’s Tripwire® or any other solution if you’re considering a new deployment or replacing an existing implementation, NNT’s software platform is a modern framework built to meet the needs and requirements of the largest and most demanding environments. Just ask any one of the hundreds that have become NNT customers!

The differences between Tripwire® and NNT are quite stark. NNT has a much better reputation, product, cost, flexibility, and ease of scalability. We've achieved more in three months with NNT than we achieved with Tripwire® in over three years. There's simply no comparison.

Project Manager Global Fortune 500 Organization

The differences between Tripwire® and NNT were extremely clear to see. NNT was very responsive from the outset & committed to everything we needed to go live with the solution immediately. Their support is brilliant and they've always had a fantastic response time to any of our queries.

IT Manager UK Based Call Center

Based on a recommendation from our Sister Company, JetBlue, we decided to look at NNT as a possible alternative to Tripwire®. As a result, we now have a solution that ticks all the boxes, is much easier to use, and way less expensive.

Julian Cortez Live TV

NNT offered us a solution and price that was hard to ignore. The combination of excellent software and their super support has allowed us to implement a solution that saves us thousands of dollars in annual running costs compared to Tripwire®.

Chief Security Architect US Based Retail Provider

A Few Key Items that Make NNT Great

DISCLAIMER: The features listed below are not necessarily comparative.

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction
Why tolerate change noise. NNT’s unique intelligent change control technology is proven to significantly reduce change noise by as much as 90%.

Operational Cost

Operational Cost
Paying too much? On average customers that switch to NNT significantly reduced their cost of ownership. We can show you examples of savings that amount to a 70% reduction over a three year period.


NNT’s modern, componentized architecture creates a uniquely scalable solution, capable of handling literally an unlimited number of monitored devices.


NNT’s management console is developed in-house. Unlike other similar solutions, this does not require a third-party product to orchestrate and manage multiple installations or consoles.


NNT has integrated into the workflows of leading ITSM vendors to create a closed-loop intelligent change control process that highlights planned vs unplanned change.

Digital DNA Referencing

Digital DNA Referencing
NNT has a white-list database service called FAST Cloud that can validate and verify the integrity and authenticity of files as changes are being detected in real-time.


NNT leverages automation by applying relevant templates based on the OS type, device type or risk profile. This means that installation and operation are extremely intuitive and can be deployed at a fraction of the time and cost.

Console and Database

Console and Database
NNT’s console is included at no additional cost and can be installed on a free operating system such as CentOS with a MongoDB included. A MySQL Professional/Enterprise or Oracle database is NOT required.

System Resources

System Resources
NNT Change Tracker requires approximately half of the system resource requirements for comparable installations.




Vulnerability Tracker

Download the Change Tracker Gen7 R2 Solution Brief


Without integrity, you don’t have security and without security, you don’t have trusted computing – Ron Ross, NIST

NNT is Trusted by Thousands of Organizations across the Globe
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