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You have the right of choice. NNT Change Tracker provides a lower cost and easier to use alternative to Tripwire®.
Whether considering a new deployment or a replacement implementation, take a look at NNT first!!

Join the multiple organizations who have made the switch to NNT

"The differences between Tripwire® and NNT were extremely clear to see. NNT was very responsive from the outset & committed to everything we needed to go live with the solution immediately. Their support is brilliant and they've always had a fantastic response time to any of our queries."

IT Manager UK Based Call Center

"NNT offered us a solution and price that was hard to ignore. The combination of excellent software and their super support has allowed us to implement a solution that saves us thousands of dollars in annual running costs compared to Tripwire®."

Chief Security Architect US Based Retail Provider

"The differences between Tripwire® and NNT are quite stark. NNT has a much better reputation, product, cost, flexibility, and ease of scalability. We've achieved more in three months with NNT than we achieved with Tripwire® in over three years. There's simply no comparison. "

Project Manager Global Fortune 500 Organization

"We wanted a flexible solution that was able to tick all the PCI boxes for us but also give us benefits like enhanced troubleshooting & improved management of our systems. We ran detailed evaluations & side-by-side comparisons and chose NNT because they offered the features we needed, their support was excellent, and they offered us a very competitive price."

IT Manager European Based Airline

"Based on a recommendation from our Sister Company, JetBlue, we decided to look at NNT as a possible alternative to Tripwire®. As a result, we now have a solution that ticks all the boxes, is much easier to use, and way less expensive."

Julian Cortez Live TV

"You have already bested Tripwire® in every conceivable and meaningful way. In that, you have communicated with us and set some expectations. Yes, your tool is superior in many ways, which is important. But the communication is everything! You've listened and you're taking action!"

Phil Dowling Senior Manager of IT & Security Maxwell Paper


Easiest to Use

Initial setup and ongoing management of NNT Change Tracker is simple, with common tracking and reporting policies built in at no extra cost. We make the initial set up easy without any overly complex learning curves or mazes to follow that are often associated with Tripwire's® install process. Intelligent discovery and asset mapping automates the provision of ready-made templates to get your systems into a known, secure & compliant state. This combined with Intelligent Change Detection ensures systems remain compliant at all times.


Most Fully Featured

The features provided with NNT are endless. Unlike our competitors, NNT Change Tracker is able to run on multiple platforms and run commands through a remote connection to capture configuration details, track changes, and report compliance. Our self-learning change tracking with the ability to reduce false positives helps significantly reduce the amount of 'Change Noise' generally associated with Change Control. NNT also provides automated in stream threat intelligence queries with independent malware whitelists to ensure the integrity of files from a breach.

Most Affordable

NNT offers a simple Node-Based licensing policy, with no additional charges for differing systems. Simply tell us how many devices you need to cover and whether you want database systems included and we will give you a 'no ifs, ands, or buts' pricing structure. In addition, NNT does not charge for a management console, which cannot be said by our competitors. With our straight-forward pricing model, we're confident we can reduce existing Tripwire® support & maintenance costs from anywhere between 40% and 70% over a 3 year period.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider NNT as an alternative to Tripwire®:

  • Simple low cost per node licensing, irrespective of device type or function & management consoles are always free
  • Estimated savings of around 70% in direct comparison
  • Closed Loop Intelligent Change Control Technology, which will reduce change noise by upwards of 90% in any typical deployment
  • NNT FAST Cloud technology which leverages the largest collective File Whitelist repository to automatically approve or accept File Changes, significantly reducing FIM noise
  • NNT is a fully accredited Center for Internet Security CIS Vendor
  • NNT has over 10 years of experience in delivering system integrity & security and compliance solutions to customers all over the world
  • No reliance on Java
  • Improved and enhanced feature set
  • Significantly easier to use
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"Tripwire® have nothing on you guys. Each day I am looking at your product and the service you guys are providing, I am more convinced we made absolutely the right choice!

You have already bested Tripwire® in every conceivable and meaningful way. In that you have communicated with us and set some expectations. Yes, your tool is superior in many ways, which is important. But the communication is everything! You’ve listened and you’re taking action.”
Phil Dowling, Senior Manager,
IT & Security, Maxwell Paper

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