SecureOps™ as a Service

NNT's SecureOps™-as-a-Service coupled with Change Tracker delivers peace of mind, compliance, security and operational control. By tying systems and business processes together to evolve data and events to actionable intelligence, the NNT SecureOps service option enables firms to mature and maintain cyber resilience, improving security operation’s effectiveness from the average 60% to above 90%.

“Regardless of how much data an organization collects, it is always the decisions that the data empowers you to make that counts, SecureOps™-as-a-Service eases the burden of Change Control to ensure that data can always be properly protected and brought to a compliant state.”

Mark Kerrison, GM of NNT

SOaaS Stages

SecureOps™-as-a-Service is rendered in two stages which will cover the six essential best practices maximizing the effectiveness of Change Control and will also address vulnerability analysis and configuration hardening.

  1. Secure Baseline, Vulnerability Analysis and Configuration Hardening for all Assets
  2. Reduction of Change Noise
  3. NNT Intelligent Planned Change operation
  4. NNT FAST Cloud
  5. NNT ITSM Integration
  6. Change Management discipline

Stage One
Designed to help an organization understand the largely unpredictable element of change noise and prepare their change control best practice accordingly, this stage will enable our customers to run change control as an efficient operation.

Stage Two
An invaluable component of a Change Control strategy is the closed-loop, intelligent control of all changes and its innate power to automatically analyze and evaluate that activity. This stage ensures changes are validated as being implemented accurately, and only as approved.


On-Prem Software SecureOps™ as a Service Managed Service

NNT software functionality delivered:

  • Continuous File Integrity Monitoring
  • System Hardening and Vulnerability Management
  • Continuous Compliance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management combined with Intelligent Change Control
  • Breach Detection- Host Intrusion Detection
  • Log Analysis/SIEM
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Implementation services

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Customer operation of NNT

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NNT operation of NNT

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Hardware and hosting requirements provided as a function of the software deliverable(s)

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Post Deployment Check-Up Service

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Change Control Advantage Option

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Continuous operation of NNT software that maximizes the feature/functionality/benefits while not having to worry about the daily care and feeding

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Dedicated Service & Support Team

Regardless of the service delivery option you choose, NNT provides dedicated Service & Support teams located around the world to assist you with implementing, optimizing, and supporting NNT

Implementations across the globe

We have hundreds of successful implementations across a wide variety of organizations and industries around the world. You can rest easy knowing you will benefit from this broad experience throughout the planning, deployment, and ongoing optimization of your NNT data security and compliance solution.

Solution Brief

Solution Brief
Download the NNT SecureOps™ as a Service (SaaS) Solution Brief


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SecureOps eBook
The Definitive Guide to a Successful SecureOps™ Strategy

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