Cybersecurity Solutions for the Healthcare Industry


Protecting and securing critical electronic health information is more important than ever before, as cyberattacks targeting the health sector are on the rise and show no sign of slowing down.


Healthcare providers and patients continue to be the target of cyber criminals due to high demand for personal records on the black market along with the relative ease at which this compromised data can be monetized for nefarious purposes. In fact, the cost of a breached healthcare record cost $429 in 2019, compared to the average cost of a breached record which is $150, making these records all too attractive to cybercriminals.

NNT recently discovered sensitive medical data related to 13 million medical exams on hundreds of computers connected to the public internet. Watch our latest video warning to learn more, or read our exclusive articles with SecurityWeek and HealthITSecurity.


Exclusive Article

Medical Records of 3.5 Million U.S. Patients can be Accessed and Manipulated by Anyone
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Security Week

Exclusive Article

Millions of Medical Images Exposed as U.S. Fails to Secure PACS Flaws.
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Health IT Security

Achieve Continuous HIPAA Compliance with NNT

The United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or more commonly known as HIPAA, helps ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical and private patient information from compromise. With few exceptions, if an organization exchanges data related to the healthcare profession, they’re subject to HIPAA. These organizations, also known as Covered Entities (CE), include:

  • Healthcare providers, including doctors, hospitals, etc.
  • Health insurance providers and health plan clearing houses
  • Self-insured businesses
  • Businesses that sponsor group health plans and/or provide assistance to employees with regards to medical coverage

NNT helps organizations ensure non-stop HIPAA compliance by continuously monitoring for any unauthorized or unapproved changes while prioritizing vulnerabilities to ensure that health data is not compromised, including the introduction of malware, and even ransomware, which could have potentially tragic consequences on businesses and human lives. Learn about the technical requirements outlined in HIPAA and which requirements NNT can help you fulfill by downloading our new HIPAA solution brief.

How to meet HIPAA compliance and achieve a Cyber Resilient State with NNT
Download the HIPAA Solution brief

Go Beyond HIPAA Compliance and Elevate your Security with the CIS Controls

The CIS Controls are a recommended set of prioritized actions for cyber defense designed to reduce your attack surface. This pragmatic approach to security outlines actionable ways to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous cyber attacks by adopting basic cybersecurity best practices.

The CIS Controls compliment the HIPAA security rule and contain many of the same requirements. Since these controls are updated regularly based on real-world threat patterns, the CIS Controls can help organizations enhance their cybersecurity strategy to reduce risk outside of HIPAA regulations. The CIS Benchmarks can also be used to securely configure workstations used to handle electronic protected health information.

Help improve your cyber hygiene by combining the CIS Controls, CIS Benchmarks and HIPAA Compliance.


CIS Controls Solution Brief

SecureOpsDownload our CIS Controls Guide to learn more about these critical controls

Learn more

CIS Benchmark Reports

CIS benchmarksCIS Benchmark reports which can be used to audit your hardened build standard

Download Now

CIS Controls

eBookCIS Controls Detailed Breakdown. Learn Where NNT Can Address the 20 CIS Controls

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Did You Know?

230,954,151 healthcare records have been lost, exposed, stolen, or impermissibly disclosed since 2009 – equating to more than 69.78% of the US population.
2019 saw a 196% increase in reported healthcare breaches involving 500+ records
More than 41,335,889 records were breached in 2019
54% of healthcare data breaches in 2019 were classified as hacking/IT incidents
28.82% of breaches were classified as unauthorized access/disclosure incidents.
In the healthcare industry at present, the average cost of data breach is $6.45 million, up from $3.92 million in 2019
Meet Your HIPAA Requirements Today with NNT

Learn how to get started securing your IT environment today with these help resources and buyers guides.

Change Tracker Gen7 R2 Solution Brief

Gen7 Solution BriefLearn how Change Tracker Gen7 R2 provides fundamental cybersecurity protection by combining security best practice disciplines for system configuration and integrity assurance with closed-loop intelligent change control.



FIM BuyerDownload our new FIM Buyers Guide to learn 8 things to consider when selecting the right FIM solution for your organization.


HIPAA Solution Brief

HIPAA Solution BriefNNT solutions combine the essential security controls prescribed by leading frameworks such as HIPAA/HITECH, including real-time file integrity monitoring, vulnerability management and log intelligence with the operational discipline of change management and control.


Video: SecureOps Demo On-Demand

On Demand Video

Watch the SecureOps on-demand demo to learn about NNT’s revolutionary approach to solving the problems of cybersecurity by combining the essential prescribed security controls with advanced threat prevention, detection and intelligent change control technology.

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