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NNT provides ultimate protection against all forms of cyberattacks and data breaches with SecureOps™. NNT combines the essential prescribed security controls with advanced threat prevention, detection and intelligent change control technology.


SecureOps™ is a revolutionary approach to solving the problem of cyber security that combines the essential prescribed security controls with advanced threat prevention, detection and intelligent change control technology. It blends established best practices for security and IT service management to deliver a holistic solution that identifies unknown and potentially malicious events in real-time, without all the headaches of endless alerts.

This strategy is underpinned by NNT’s knowledge of the essential common controls that overlap to support and achieve business objectives from two different vantage points. This approach creates an optimal security foundation to eliminate security breaches and incidents as we know them today.


Security Through System Integrity

  • Critical Security Controls
  • Intelligent Change Control
  • Dynamic Policy and Baseline Management

Closed Loop Intelligent Change Control

  • All compliance standards and policies - All at once
  • Complete, closed-loop compliance automation
  • Measurable and quantifiable

Continuous Compliance & Assurance

  • Ensure service availability
  • Closed-Loop environment for change management
  • Enforcing standards configurations
  • Decreasing MTTD and MTTR

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Security Approach

IT assets remain in a known, secure and compliant state at all times. Ensuring essential security controls are in place, combined with the ability to validate the safety of all changes, organizations can prevent and protect against cyber-attack while improving IT Service Delivery quality.

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ITSM Approach

Integration with all leading ITSM solutions to create an essential closed-loop environment, that will map changes happening with those approved. Any changes that are not associated with a planned or approved change can be highlighted for investigation and/or remediation. The ultimate security backstop!

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Compliance should be the natural by-product of great security. By leveraging NNT’s best practice security approach combined with out of the box compliance reporting and intelligent change control. You are able to deliver continuous compliance & assurance in real time whatever the standard, regulation or policy.

Vulnerability Tracker

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Automate regulatory compliance

Reduce audit workload & automate workflows to achieve & maintain continuous compliance. Generate compliance reports within minutes, not weeks

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Cost savings

Increased operational efficiency, consolidation of unnecessary security tools and reduction in manual tasks

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Understand your security posture

Scan your systems to understand where you are at risk and how to remediate

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Minimize change noise

Automatically validate file changes as they are detected using an authoritative file whitelist and avoid the headaches of endless alerts

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Ensure high availability of operations

Detect, audit and patch

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