SIEM Integration

Integrate NNT Change Tracker Gen 7 R2 intelligence into your Security Operations Centre (SOC) for a ‘single pane of glass’ view of all security monitoring and analysis feeds.

  • Operation of a SOC has a number of key objectives:
  • to detect and respond to threats, keeping the information held on systems and networks secure
  • to increase resilience by learning about the changing threat landscape (both malicious and non-malicious, internal and external)
  • to derive business intelligence about user behaviours in order to shape and prioritise the development of technologies

But according to research from The Ponemon Institute, more than half of security professionals rate their SOC as ‘ineffective’, due to there being too many false positives and the SOC just being too complex.

SIEM Solution Partners

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NNT SecureOps™ is already established as the market’s only truly successful cyber-security strategy. By interworking best practices for security and IT service management, SecureOps™ identifies and highlights unknown, unwanted and potentially malicious events in real-time…without all the NOISE and headaches of endless alerts, exactly what SOCs need to become effective. It means the SOC is fed accurate, relevant and high-value security data, not just more and more events.

By integrating NNT SecureOps™ and Change Tracker™ Gen 7 R2 into your SOC, approved and authorized changes issued by ITSM tools can be validated by NNT Change Tracker™ Gen7 R2, with a full audit trail of what actually changed and reconciled with the Change Request(s).

By leveraging NNT’s Closed Loop Intelligent Change Control Technology, repeated or recurring change patterns can be captured and identified as either harmless or potentially harmful as well, discriminating pre-approved changes from unexpected and unwanted changes. Pre-approved changes may also be forensically profiled ahead of time in order to spot any deviations that may indicate ‘insider threats’. This approach drastically improves the ability to spot potential breaches by reducing the "change noise" and exposing insider and zero-day malware activity.


Which SIEM products are supported?

Short answer is all of them!
NNT Change Tracker Gen7 R2 supports all common syslog output standards including:
Common Event Format, RFC 5424 and RFC 3164, via UDP and TCP (with a secure, certificate-based option ).
In addition, specific integrations are available for IBM Qradar® and Microfocus® (HP) ArcSight™ with more to come soon, including Splunk and LogRhythm


Does NNT Change Tracker Gen7 R2 support Common Event Format?

Yes, syslog events can be sent a fully standards-based CEF message format to simplify normalization of events.


Which Change Tracker events can be sent via syslog?

Event ID family and Descriptions below
 1xx Unplanned Change Event auditing
 2xx Planned Change Event auditing
 3xx System Settings admin auditing
 4xx User Account admin auditing
 5xx System Access auditing
 9xx Change Tracker Hub and Agent system auditing

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