NNT’s Post Deployment Check-Up Service


NNT understands that the first months with a new product are the most important. This is when the real learning is done and operational processes put in place to integrate the solution within the organization.

Therefore to help our customers maximize the effectiveness of their investment, the NNT team will conduct a post-deployment check-up to ensure everything is running smoothly.


The check-up session is normally conducted at the 6-month point but as a customer of NNT, the session is there to be used whenever you feel it is suitable.

The check-up takes the form of a 30-minute call with your NNT account manager and an NNT technical resource.


This includes:

System Hardening Reports

System Hardening Reports - Vital to reducing the attack surface of a system, the hardening reports are tuned during the deployment to your organization's requirements. Have there been organization changes which require tweaks to the reports?

Change Tracker’s Closed Loop Intelligent Change Control (CLICC)

Change Tracker’s Closed Loop Intelligent Change Control (CLICC) - The part of Change Tracker which tells you when changes are okay! Make sure that your CLICC rules are capturing all that they should be and are tuned properly to mute out unwanted change noise.

Group, Templates, and Exclusions

Group, Templates and Exclusions - make sure that everything which needs to be monitored is monitored! These three elements hone Change Tracker’s monitoring to the specifics of your environment and the application which runs within.

Change Reporting

Change Reporting - We all love reports! Ensure that the correct information is provided to the right people at the right times.

Version Review

Version Review - We release updates to Change Tracker throughout the year as new features become available. A quick version check will ensure that you are on the latest and greatest and not missing out.

At the end of the check-up session your NNT account manager will follow-up with a summary of the items discussed. If there are items which need to be addressed in more detail, perhaps a little bit of "how to" training or potentially an upgrade, then follow-up sessions with the support team will be organized.

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