While ensuring PCI Compliance through NNT Change Tracker and NNT Log Tracker.

NNT Ltd, a global provider of PCI DSS and general security and compliance solutions, announced today that Public Interest Communications (PIC), a leading telephone-based fundraising organization operating on behalf of the most successful non-profit organizations, associations, public policy and political and cultural institutions in America has implemented NNT Change Tracker and NNT Log Tracker to secure its customers credit card data, meet its PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) obligations and secure its entire IT infrastructure from both external and ‘Insider Man’ threats.

NNT Change Tracker and NNT Log Tracker has been deployed across PIC’s three US offices, a multi-platform environment which serves 400+ employees and contains 135 homogeneous workstations as well as servers ranging from SCOUnix to Windows 2008. As an integrated SIEM, CCM and real-time FIM solution, NNT provides PIC with a functionally rich yet straightforward to use, and affordable solution that enables them to capture event details, establish whether the event has altered the compliant state, reveal who initiated the event and whether or not it was part of a planned change.

David McKnight, Data and Network Security Officer at Public Interest Communications, commented on the reasons for selecting NNT: “We narrowed our short list down to two vendors, Tripwire ® and NNT. NNT listened to us carefully and provided solutions to our needs, the functionality between the two vendors was comparable but the service and willingness of NNT to help us achieve our goal of PCI compliance was impressive and a huge factor in our selection decision.”

As the NNT solution monitors the network at a forensic level and guards against breaches by alerting to and highlighting unusual activity, it is able to keep organizations secure and on top of what is happening across their IT infrastructure.

David McKnight backed this up: “The FIM portion of NNT literally saved my company last week.” McKnight explains further, “by monitoring the IT estate with NNT, we were able to identify a threat that the Firewall failed to protect against and the AntiVirus software wasn’t able to detect. The offending Root Kit had accessed and infected one of our sites and was then able to spread to every other machine. NNT’s real-time FIM alerted us to the altered system dll files amongst the multitude of file changes taking place, pinpointing the source of the problem and enabling us to deal with the malicious malware before it could wreak havoc - I would rate NNT’s contribution to our security initiative as absolutely invaluable!”

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