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Ransomware - not finished yet

For many, cyber security is still seen as cost and not as an enabler of business resiliency. The flip side is that – according to recent research by IBM and Ponemon – an organization prepared for a cyber- attack and for a data breach will have to bear a drastically lower impact, two million US dollar less in average than those unprepared.
Let see what the three disciplines are that will help your organizations to be well prepared.

Ransomware - not finished yet

The news and magazines were filled with stories about ransomware attacks on critical elements of our daily-life and supply chains. The attacks on Colonial Pipeline (hampering the oil & gas supply) and JBS (endangering the food supply chain) were only the tip of the iceberg.

Ransomware - not finished yet

It should be simple right? Deploy the right, cool tools that the cyber security vendors promote and sit back basking in a safe and secure world!
If only that were true but sadly, as we all know too well, incidents happen, companies still get breached and the question remains ‘Why?’.

Belden Breach

Specialty networking solutions provider, Belden, owners of specialist cyber security vendor Tripwire, recently disclosed a data breach resulting in the theft of employee and business information.

CIS controls

Have you heard of the CIS Controls? Even though they’re not part of any specified GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) mandate, they could actually be used as the foundation for them all.

Blind spot

Out of all the cat videos you could watch, how do you decide which one to view first? The beauty of social media is its real-time, democratic operation. Everyone gets to vote and the content with the most shares is the People’s Choice, rightfully ‘The Best’. But we now know this Facebook-era notion of ‘most popular equals best’ is open to abuse.

Key Processes

As of late, cybersecurity has come to the forefront of the I.T. Industry, and is one of the key functions of any organization. This article will discuss 5 key processes and potential controls you should implement in order to maximize the effectiveness of your cybersecurity efforts, leading to an all-around secure environment.

Open Ports

If you think you’re having a bad day, you should see what happened to a group of Greek merchants crossing the Black Sea, 2,400 years ago. Providing a stark perspective on the vastness of history, their ship has just been discovered under 2km of water.

CISO Panel

Last week, our team had the pleasure of hosting a virtual panel on securing digital transformation and what COVID-19 means for cyber security as we continue to navigate the increasingly remote workforce.

ISC cybersecurity

Security researchers recently discovered six critical vulnerabilities in third-party code that could expose hundreds of thousands of OT environments to remote code execution attacks.

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