October 31st, 2018

For an introduction to the newly released Gen7R2, save your spot for the webinar and join Mark Kerrison, Chief Executive Officer of New Net Technologies and Mark Kedgley, Chief Technology Officer of New Net Technologies, in an interactive webinar as they showcase the all-new Change Tracker Gen7R2 Key highlights: 

  • Embracing the SecureOps™ strategy: merging basic fundamentals of security and operations to deliver one unified solution
  • Automating the IT service management (ITSM) workflow to enable Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control
  • Utilizing pattern matching intelligence to identify expected, planned changes against changes that could represent a security breach
  • Adopting the basic underlying principle required for every security strategy- Security through System Integrity
  • Achieve real-time continuous compliance regardless of the standard or policy


watch the CIS & nnt webinar  on-demand 

  • How the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and NNT can help organizations prioritize security efforts where 20% of the effort delivers 80% of the value 
  • How to prioritize IT controls based on risk mitigation and defensive effectiveness – leveraging the CIS Controls
  • Why the SecureOps™ strategy is essential and long overdue – Manage by Fact Not Fiction
  • Commonalities between security and operations – where 1+1=3

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an essential guide to the CIS Controls

The vast array of compliance and security mandates out there can leave many organizations confused on where to even start, but NNT believes the best place to start is with the CIS Controls. Published by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), these controls help organizations defend against known attacks by condensing key security concepts into actionable controls to achieve better overall cybersecurity defense.

The CIS Controls provide clarity on what organizations really need to be focusing on in terms of security best practices to help prioritize actions that must be taken to defend against cyber threats.


google shutting down Google+ following privacy vulnerability

Google is shutting down its Google+ social network following the disclosure of a software glitch within Google+ that resulted in the exposure of personal-profile data belonging to hundreds of thousands of Google+ users.

The glitch was live for close to three years, but Google elected to not make the breach public out of fear of regulation. 


Number of stolen credentials skyrockets 141% in North America

The latest research from Blueliv has found that the number of compromised credentials detected in North American botnets grew 141% from the last quarter.

The spike between the March to May and June to August quarters came alongside declines in other regions analyzed. Russia and Europe saw a 22% decrease and Asia saw a 36% decrease.

Credential theft is a booming market with threat actors across the globe. With access to these sensitive login credentials, hackers can cause extreme havoc throughout an organization.

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Secure controls framework now available with NNT

UK Unveils world first iot code of practice

The UK government recently released a new Code of Practice (CoP) intended to drive security-by-design in the manufacture of IoT products. The new CoP is designed to improve baseline security in the sector and ensure small devices that process personal data are aligned with the GDPR. Regulations for improving the security of consumer-grade IoT products are also in the works.

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