Let NNT take the strain out of your security and compliance management needs


How does it work?

Using a combination of NNT’s Change Tracker Gen 7™ deployed into the customer environment, coupled with a flexible weekly monitoring service provided by trained security experts, NNT is able to deliver a unique and affordable solution.

NNT Change Tracker Gen 7™ starts with a complete audit of all devices to ensure they are set to a ‘secured & compliant’ state utilizing officially governed standards such as CIS, PCI DSS, SOX & HIPAA. Once we have rendered systems compliant, NNT Change Tracker™ monitors all changes to the otherwise secure state.

These changes are fully profiled with planned versus unplanned alerts combined with information such as who made the change, when, what and whether it has affected the compliant posture.

This is then fully backed up by a thorough weekly analysis by real and qualified support staff. This process is used to refine and improve the intelligence of the system to reduce ‘false positives’ which over time sharpens the automatic capabilities within the solution to better identify exceptional and unusual events that could be the giveaway signs of a security threat.

What sets NNT's security compliance monitoring service apart?

Easy to scale across any organization, NNT’s Security and Compliance Monitoring Service is avaialble as both a pure, hosted cloud solution with no need for any hardware on-site, or an outtasked service where NNT provide expert security consultancy resource to support your NNT-based security solution.

In addition to providing dependable analysis of all security events as outlined, NNT will routinely review and re-calibrate the monitoring system to ensure it remains optimized and current.

Where required, NNT can also offer insight and assistance with the integration of Change Tracker™ and any prevailing Change Management systems.

Not only does this service reduce the amount of information that you might otherwise need to spend time analyzing, it will also give you the reassurance and peace of mind that IT systems are being constantly monitored, and that security is always being improved.

  • 100% Cloud-delivered or out-tasked option where NNT will take care of your deployed NNT solution
  • Any governance, regulatory or security standards can be underpinned for your organization, including PCI DSS
  • Support for all platforms and environments (Windows, Unix/ Linux, Database Systems and all network devices and appliances) >> Quarterly subscription or perpetual license options available
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